Accidental HM

Accidental HM

It should have been an 8 km loop, but the canal was so gorgeous with a thin layer of ice on the shallow parts, and the towpath shone like a thousand jewels from the sun reflecting in the frost. So I continued a little longer. And a little longer. Before long I was at the canal head 9 km from home. On tHe homeward leg I got the idea of not just running home, but adding a little bit extra to bring the distance up to 21 km.

bad decision. Everything was going so well until the extra bit, but this where I ran out of energy and had to walk for a bit. That cooled me down and I got quite cold. Running for a few km didn't give me back the warmth, but luckilY I was getting close to home. Shame about that last bit, because apart from that it was gorgeous and wonderful and lovely. As it ended, it took me a good hour after my shower before I started to feel warm again.

Hope you had a good day, and if you went running, I hope you had a good one.

The pic is from our little harbour basin on the canal. It's hard to see, but there is still a thin layer of ice on most of it, and this was at the end of my run. Sorry about the weird bloke in the foreground, but isn't it gorgeous weather? Would be a shame to not have gone out in it


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15 Replies

  • Well done Tomas..... I am looking forward to my run early tommorow thanks for your interesting post..... :-)

  • I thought that was Aussie for a minute............... Well done Tomas, but don't forget that HMs require fuel and hydration planned in advance. A brilliant achievement.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thanks Adidas and Ian. You're absolutely right, Ian. Fortunately I always bring a bottle of water, but I did finish it a few miles before coming home. And having had an energy boost an hour into the run would possibly have made the last kms more enjoyable. But even so, it was fun and fave me a bit "I still have it"-boost.

  • Don't know where you are, but I can confirm ice on our canal today that hasn't thawed.

    Being a wuss, I've not run today and hope to go out tomorrow.

    My day today has, however, consisted of driving to a bake sale, sampling the goods, driving home, then popping round to a neighbour for a quick sociable Christmas drink. That was at about 2:30 - just home at 10:15 - gonna be a sore head tomorrow. Hey ho it's Christmas.......

  • Sounds like a really tough day. It's hard work with the cakes and drinks, but someone's got to do it. Kind if you to take this burden upon yourself ;)

    East Yorkshire, by the way. And you?

  • Leicestershire. Boat still frozen for a run in a few minutes to check further afield.

  • Brilliant Tomas what a great picture albeit from Oz. Sounds like you had just the best time bar getting cold. Great day - Great Run what could be better

  • Wow! That's an incredible run! Shame you got cold at the end but amazing achievement!

  • An accidental HM? Let me just repeat that- AN ACCIDENTAL HM!?!? Tomas, I'm in awe of your base level fitness that you could get through 21k without preparation. No psyching yourself up to it; no sweeties as strategic intervals; no energy drinks, just you deciding to go for it! So what if you had to walk a bit, that quite hardcore running. Well done matey, hope you don't feel too cream-crackered today xx :)

  • Well done Tomas, that sounds like a fab run. Pleased it stayed fine for you!

  • Blimey Tomas, that is serious stuff ! Good on ya . Sounds like you really enjoyed it too

    Well done ! :-) xxx

  • fantastic, what a great run...and I love you loads babes the upside down pic, it looks really lovely :)

  • God's own country looking good! And well done!

    It's so good running when you have a lovely view and the cool weather to stop you over heating isn't it?

    My last 'longer than planned' run came about because of a new route and a lovely view that just kept me wanting more. Seriously mad this running lark lol

  • LOL, sorry about the upside-down pic. I could have sworn it looked the right way around on the iPad when I posted it, but now that I'm looking at it on a PC it IS upside down. Having said that, I do live in Melbourne, so maybe it's all as expected.

  • Wow - that is incredible running an accidental HM!!! Well done - i bet you were well pleased!!!

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