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3rd time lucky!

Well this is my 3rd time starting this programme. First time I got to week 3 and the next time I completed the dreaded w5r3! But after that I lost motivation and end up having a busy summer of holidays and work. It's a new year and I'm back at it. Determined this time to finish the programme. I complete w2r1 today and was pleased with how I did, but I've definitely lost the fitness I had last summer. W5 looks a long way off again. But I know if I did it once, I can do it again. I always enjoy getting out and running but find the dark days harder to fit in runs. I'm a busy teacher and look forward to the longer evenings, when I can balance marking, planning and running! Good luck to everyone else starting out. It really does work!

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Well done for getting out there again! I know work-life balance is a complete nightmare as a teacher, but I think you'll find that running clears your head and you'll be able to work more efficiently. I also find that random good ideas pop into my head when I'm out running and not trying to lesson plan.

Hope you see the benefits from improved fitness and energy levels and enjoy the programme! Have fun :)


Thanks! It's strange what pops into your mind when running! Today I was mostly thinking about how to avoid the copious amounts of dog walkers and little people! That's what you get when you go running at 2pm! Lol


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