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3rd Time lucky

Completely new to these forums.

I have attempted the couch to 5k twice before now, first time round I got to running 25 mins, the second time I got to one run of 30 mins. Both times I got so far then just gave up for one reason or another. I lost a lot of weight doing this along with other things but life circumstances has seen me put it all on again and more.

I am now determined to complete a 5k this time, I am hoping with the help of this forum I can keep it up and get past whatever it is that is holding me back. I know I can do this!!

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You couldn't have come to a better place if you're looking for encouragement and support. This place is amazing, and the people on here got me through the tougher days of my C25k journey. Well done for giving it another chance - you won't be sorry! Good luck, Steve


All the best brookesy!

Keep us updated on your progress, the good and the bad, and I think you will find some excellent advice and motivation on this here forum.


Thank you both of you!


There isn't a better forum to come to for encouragement and support - this place, is phenomenal. And great advice in bucket loads too from super people from all walks of life with a common interest and goal.

And , to your advantage, you also already know that you can do it. I'm on week 6 and can only dream of running for 30 minutes lol

And good luck with the weigth loss - this running lark really does encourage you to eat healthily - if only to make it a little easier and not undo all the hard work put in. I promise not to show you too many pictures of my cakes :-D :-D

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I felt exactly the same at week 6, I never believed I could run for 30 mins up until I did it. Didn't quite make 5k in 30 mins but I was still impressed with myself xD

I definitely think once I get back into the running, eating healthier will come with it.

All the best


You're here now, so that's a bonus. Crack on and DO NOT QUIT!


Hey brookes111 - I'd agree with Sazzle44 - you've got a big advantage here in that you've made it through a 30 minute run before, so I'd take a lot of confidence from that.

I'd echo the above positive comments about the friendliness (and helpfulness) of this community, and now that you have introduced yourself to us here, I bet this support will be the difference between nearly making it and making it this time.


Welcome and keep posting on here, then we can pick you up if you falter, kick you up the backside and get you back out there with a smile on your face.

Good luck


Thank you

Already feel really supported and ready to get going!


This forum makes all the difference, i swear by it!!:)


Welcome to the board !

Well done for giving it another go, this time you are going to see it through the very end, arent you ? :-)

Plus, youve got all of us this time around ! :-)

Good Luck, we are all behind you xxx


Definitely seeing it through to the end this time, no doubt about it!!


Great stuff ! Keep posting and letting us know how youre going on !

Good Luck ! :-) xxx


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