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Can I claim a parkrun for Week 5 run 2?

Did my first ever parkrun today around Arrow Valley Lake in Redditch, and wondered if I can claim it as my w5r2 which was scheduled for today ?

If anyone is daunted by doing a parkrun, don't be. I found out a couple of things this morning :-

- They don't bite

- It's not about abilty

- It's not about time

- It's not about gender/age/colour or race

- It's about YOU !!

- The marshalls are FAB !!

- and ....... It's OK to be overtaken by a 7 year old

Also very pleased to see the local council and Sainsbury's are supporting C25K

Did 5.2k in just over 32 minutes - Captain Smug !!!!

Good luck everyone

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Wow you're already doing that in Week 5 R2! Splendid work indeed. I would have claimed it.


Of course you can! Look out for your name on the post that pops up with all the C25K'ers Parkrun results (as long as your registered your team as NHS c25k)

Well done, and fantastic time; graduation will soon be yours! :-)


You could claim it as W9R1 if you wanted! Well done, excellent time. Isn't Parkrun just great!!! You are probably just as well working your way through the rest of C25k, because it will slowly improve your stamina, cardio vascular system and musculature. But there is nothing to stop you extending some of the runs, after Laura has done her bit. I think the podcasts are a great help to conquering the psychological aspects of running.

You're a natural, Mark. Keep running, keep smiling.


OK - I've re-read my post and I think I need to come clean. First reading it implies that i just ran the whole way. I didn't ...... Ran for about 20 mins, and then was a mixture of a couple of minutes running followed by 30-45 secs of walking. Legs still aching 24 hours later.


If you did 5.2k in 32 minutes, including walking, then you must have been going some?


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