Races, races, races!

My goal for the C25K was always to do the Race for Life. I never thought I'd be able to run 5k ever. Now I can and I've registered for Hastings with some colleagues! A friend of mine has recently started her C25K and will graduate in March just before the Sport Relief run in Brighton - so we're doing that together now as well! I've already hit my halfway sponsorship target so pretty chuffed about that. Yesterday I was reading Alexandra Hemingsley's (Hemmo) blog and she mentioned the Electric Run (she then answered my Tweet so I'm suffering from hero-worship right now!). I looked it up and it looks AWESOME! Has anyone else seen it? You run at night in glo-bands and it's all lit up and everything! :-D I LOVE running in the dark. Right up my street. It's quite expensive to enter but I'm really tempted. Trouble is, I'm still fighting the dodgy hip. Maybe I should wait till after my first physio appointment tomorrow to see what they say. Wannadoit!


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  • GOOD JOB!!!...WAY TO GO...you are on the right track...stay focus. (*_*)

  • Jenwrenarm I saw this on The Living Social website for London. You know the ones like Groupon? It says it's £29 with a VIP package to race in London on 26th April. Looks amazing.

  • It does doesn't it? That's a good price. Have to look into that! On their website it's about £37!

  • Ha! Thanks vmister!

  • Wow hemmo answered your tweet ! How great . She wrote abou that electric run in her book isn't it all up hills ? Good luck tomorrow Jen with physio . We have goals now to work towards . Race for life & you have your Hastings race .

  • Oooooh Hemmo, get you!!!! I think an electric run sounds fab. Go for it!

  • I know! I was beyond chuffed! I did tweet back again but that was pushing my luck and then I felt pathetic :-/ I know the run you mean; I think that was a proper night-time hill run he did. This one has all different zones that you run through all lit up and everything! There are different locations across the country. Worth a look mate! Thanks Rockette. Hopefully know tomorrow why I'm struggling.

  • Good luck tomorrow Jen

  • That looks really good fun (unfortunately not near me), hope you get to do it. That's so uncanny about Hemmo's tweet, I bought her book today in waterstones and the young woman assistant told me it's her favourite book and that she had replied to her tweet too - really nice to read of someone who is successful but doesn't forget her fans.

  • Electric run looks awesome, I may have to arrange a girly weekend with some mates.

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