Under the hour!!

I've been slowly ratcheting up the distance throughout April, with a mind on the Great Yorkshire Run in September (10K). I hadn't actually done 10K for a good while so today was a conscious effort to crack it, and to do it in less than an hour. And I did - 10K in 59mins 3 secs. Yay; very pleased about that. Which, now I think about it, is the "5K in 30 mins" yardstick, twice!

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  • Now that's impressive :O

  • Thank you, I was (and still am) very pleased.

  • Wow! That's all I can say to that. Well done.

    Takes me nearly that long to do 5k! :D

  • Thanks; hope your 5x50 challenge is going well. Three or four years back I did a team event on "walking around the world" which had a similar basis. Really enjoyed that & hope you are enjoying 5x50

  • Yes, I am, thanks! It's got me doing yoga and cycling again, as well as running and walking, and being active every day now feels normal! :)

  • Well done and good luck for your Great Yorkshire run!

  • Thanks. I'm doing it with a former work colleague who has done every one. Respect!

  • Well done, OldNed. That's a great time for 10K. :-)

  • Thanks, I was pleased!

  • That's impressive. It nearly killed me getting to 5k in 30 minutes so I can't imagine doing that twice over without stopping.

    As a matter of interest how long has it taken you to get there since starting the C25K programme?

  • Ah well! I graduated on my 62nd birthday last year, and am now 63. I actually did a few 10Ks last year but the 'mileage' fell off a bit over the winter so this is me working back up to it. Conveniently, I have a large country park not too far away which has a 5K circuit round the lakes. Do it once, do it again, 10K. Bingo! That said though, the decision point after the first 5K circuit is always hard!!

  • A young whippersnapper - that explains it. :)

  • Wow Ned that is just brilliant!! Well done you; you will be just brill for the GYR!


  • Thanks Sue; fingers crossed!

  • What a fantastic time!!! Well done OldNed :)

  • Thanks Ali; gotta keep on keeping on!

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