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W3R1 - Am I overdoing it?


Well, didn't quite make it to the end of the 2nd 3 minute run - I had a road to cross and my willpower didn't quite keep me running. Overall, I seemed to be going a lot slower. Just a bad day, I think, but I'm a bit cross with myself. But, as everyone says, some days are better than others and it was a bit later in the evening and raining, so I'll see what the next one brings. 90sec to 3min seems a big step, tho'

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Treacle run!!!!

We have them. I try to drop my speed and focus on technique if I'm suspecting its a bad one after the first 10 min.


It may seem like a big step, but you will probably surprise yourself. If you can't complete it, repeat it.

Good luck.


Hi, just stick with it, you can and will do it

Just try it again after a rest day - it will probably go much better. There's no such thing as too slow so don't worry about that.


Hi, it sounds like you are still going too fast. It really is a nice plodding speed that you're looking for :)


Yep I agree you may be going to fast. That was and is still my problem occasionally. If i go to fast all you do is exhaust yourself which is no good. Slow and steady.

I remember thinking I will never do 3 mins but believe in yourself slow down and you will do it . Good luck

Remember no matter how slow you go your lapping everyone on the couch xxx


Yey! W3R2 - didi it!!! :). Thanks for all the tips guys. I tried to slow down, but that seemed more forced. I shortened my stride a little, which was much better - managed all the runs and no ache in my shins. Final 3 min was still a push, but it was actually more about mental toughness than anything.

Brilliant! I agree about the mental toughness. Just completed W3R1 & wasn't sure I'd do it but I did. 3 mins seems an age! I just keep thinking of all the success stories & try to keep going.


Hello, I had a bad day today too, run2 of w3. Did manage it but it was harder than the 1st run of w3. My legs felt like lead weights today. See what tues brings. Good luck and let me know how your run goes.

JHarveyLGraduate in reply to Tinabee41

Thanks for the empathy :) Rest of week 3 was OK. I was dreading week 4 as it was a big step up, but I seemed to find a pace that was more or less sustainable. Runs 1&2 were great, but I was running in a different location yesterday (away on business) and it was a bit tougher - but still did it. On to Week 5 tomorrow.

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