It's only me :-)

well despite saying i wouldn't run today :-) just couldn't resist . 7.30am , frosty cold morning outisde but not that cold :D Out i went to do a 30 min slow run ( I thought I was running slowly ) honestly i wasnt trying . had my beanie hat on for the 1st time of course my lovely warm comfy running tights :D

Ms Runkeeper giving me my average pace along the way ,not really paying to much attention to it.

I knew where i was running to and where to stop ,slightly over 30mins but enough for today :D

Then Ms Runkeeper said 4.71km in 30:47 ?? how did that happen?? Really was running that quick in my head and it didnt feel like it , Bottom line a really nice run on a cold frosty winter morning and home to a bowl of porridge and some wholemealbread toast and whole earth natural peanut butter , there is no better way to start the day :D

This running lark is amazing . I feel amazing everyone who runs is amazing :D Loving life right now :D


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14 Replies

  • I saw your Facebook post on c25k and smiled! Conditions underfoot were dodgy today...I showed very little self-restraint and patience waiting for it to thaw out there...just went for it, so know exactly why you went too - you would have had to tie me down to stop me, as I think I'm programmed now (that's a good thing, yes?)

    You did do just a little run though and a great 'I wasn't trying...honest' pace too...very speedy! You should definitely have an amazing Saturday - great breakfast, btw...gotta get some peanut butter in!

    Have a good weekend :D

  • Hi Tiki :D that is how i feel about running now, it just seems the natural thing to do, i think it is called addiction :D but what an addiction :D Hope your run was as good as mine :D

    ThaYou have a good weekend too :)

  • Fabulous & well done thats not slow at all :)

    Agree with you very happy with running lark!

  • thanks S_J_B :D running constantly surprises me :D

  • Well done Rob, doing well there with a great time... I bet the bacon butty and cuppa felt good when you got home!!! :-) I went out last night as i'm doing a 4k charity run tomorrow (pics hopefully to follow) I did 5k last night, not a great time, as I need to sort my bit of wheezing out, but still out there and feeling good!! :-)

  • hey Andy :) i have forgotten what bacon tastes like :) have a great run tomorrow :D take it easy Andy :D have a great weekend :)

  • Well Running Ms Comfy Head - there you go, Health Unlocked has found you a new name (see your tags) - it must have been that beanie hat and your super warm tights that made you run faster than you thought ha ha. Good run on a lovely day, wish I had saved mine now for today.

  • haha i didnt look at those :D i just couldnt help myself this morning Jo :D

  • Not surprised, it's been a beautiful day

  • Well done Rob. Sounds like a perfect run that does! Porridge as well. All good! I am on porridge rations this week as I am racing tomorrow and it's my fuel of choice. I hope it turns out to be rocket fuel of choice!

    I've not tried peanut butter in it though. Got to try it now. Ta for the tip

    I might put some in my curry tonight.

  • It is my little treat for the weekend :) it is the whole earth one though :D I am such health eating freak now too haha

  • Yeah me too. I got Whole Earth one. I put it in my curry last night. Swear it made me run faster today!

  • Mmmm not tried it in curry.yet lol

  • What a lovely inspiring post. Thankyou, and well done!

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