Mad, sane or just plain optimistic? .... You decide!

Mad, sane or just plain optimistic? .... You decide!

I have not ran regularly for months - I can run 5K in around 32 minutes. I hate the first 10 minutes of every run and wonder why I bother. I love the feeling I sometimes get when running; a rush of endorphins that makes me smile and run harder. The longest I have ever ran is for 40 minutes straight. Taking all this into account then WHY OH WHY have I gone and paid the Guide Dogs charity Β£20 to guarantee myself a place in the Great North Run 2014?

If anyone can help with this most stupid decision I have ever made then please feel free to comment....

I'm off to research a half marathon training plan.

Happy jogging folks :-)


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  • Ahh, it must have been your sub-conscious telling you that you can do it. Seriously, I have a friend who had never run before, signed up to the gnr in January got training and by September she did it. You're optimistic but not unrealistic by my reckoning, go for it! :-)

  • I think your friend may be my inspiration. Congrats to her, doing that from not running at all shoes true grit!

  • She's the person who made me think I could run, not by telling me so but by example of her true grit as you say. I'm contemplating the ballot myself again this year, I won a place last year but had to drop out owing to injury - I have always wanted to do it though. Good luck to you, you have lots of time to build up slowly - hope you'll post and keep us updated. :-)

  • Not stupid at all! Probably exactly what you need to motivate you for the longer haul. I think the awful first 10 minutes is is quite common - it's certainly true for me. I did the GNR last year and am planning to do it again this year. I won't pretend it was easy but its'a a great sense of achievement when you get to the end - and you will as long as you do the training. Good luck!

  • Out of interest what training plan did you use? I need all the advice I can get!! Are you running for a charity this year?

  • I use an app called Adidas Micoach. If you have a smartphone its free. It also links to their website where you can track routes, times etc. You put in what your goal is and when (i.e 10K. HM or whatever), what sort of level of fitness you're at now and it works out a plan for you. If you then go on the website you can then move things around - its very flexible. Its not just for running either - when I was in serious training I followed their Strength and Flexibility workouts on my non-running days which really helped keep me supple.

    Also just read a book called "Half-Marathon Running" by Lewis Birchon. Available from Amazon - worth a read and has some training plans

    Think I probably will run for a charity though not decided which one yet. Last year did Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

  • Thanks for that info, sounds like a useful app.

  • I'm in the same boat, just graduated before Christmas, 35mins is currently my longest run and I got myself a ballot place for the GNR, did feel like I'd gone crazy at first but I've bought myself a diary, looked at some training plans and have my runs mapped out for next week. I'm sure we can do it, although right now I don't feel totally sane ;)

  • I **love** the idea of a diary - I think writing down the plan gives you structure which I've missed since my C25K. I think I will be copying you on this idea. Keep me posted on how you get on - it would be cool if all the C25K met up at the GNR.... if we struggle at least we could all run it as a relay race lol!

  • Yes, I'm yet to meet a fellow c25k'er but would love to. I've ordered a couch to 5k graduate t-shirt and plan to wear it as much as possible so I can find all you guy's :) if we can find each other at the GNR it'd be good to meet you all. Keep me posted on how you get on too!

  • Hehe there are a lot of us out there. Last year is signed up for a triathlon in august. If your like me your nervous, excited and all round feeling wacky right now. What else in life can give you all these emotions and still be doing you good at the same time. Enjoy the ride.

  • A triathlon?! That makes my little adventure seem a little less crazy :-). I intend to enjoy every minute of training and seeing how my fitness increases - running just proves that you can do anything you put your mind to.

  • same thing for me c25k then 10 k and now half in march i started adding 15 mins every time i went out if you feel good carry on well dne and good luck

  • Hey - well done for signing up! You need to give yourself a goal! I too did something very stupid a few months back and agreed to do the Rat Race in May this year - 13 miles with 150 obstacles - God only knows what possessed me! I've had a few wobbles but have paid up in full to enter and am in training - I swing violently between wondering what the hell I have done and being ridiculously excited about it! Set yourself a training plan and stick to it as best you can and you'll be fine - excellent in fact! Good luck !

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