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Many thanks for all the support I've had this week: I've been out today for a 15 minute fun run and really enjoyed it :)

Following my last post when I was really struggling to get out there and get past 8/1 I did go out today as recommended and just run for fun. And what's amazing it, knowing that 15 minute felt like it would be fun to run ...and it was. I couldn't of conceived of that 10 weeks ago!

I just played music I liked and used my new Garmin forerunner 10, with which I am now in love. Took 15 mins to do 2k.

My next goal is to make sure I get out there again on Tuesday come hell or high water, to get back into the routine of running 3 times a week after a scrappy few weeks when it has defaulted to once a week. I'll aim for another fun run and see what happens.

Thanks so much everyone - you made such a difference.

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That sounds like you had fun and that's what's it all about You'll soon get back to 3 week but dont push it too hard Maybe keep as short fun runs at first and then increase distance to get back to where you used to be


Oh well done! So glad to hear it went well, and have fun on Tuesday :)


Well done you!


Lovely to hear! Enjoying a run, would have thought it ay? I need to take this advice and loosen up a bit on a run, inspired :)


Well done you :)


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