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Haven't been able to run for a while and I've missed you all and a bit glum about it all too :-(

Eventually my scary heel spurs have won... I am getting Ultrasound and Electric treatment for them and have been advised to let the inflammation settle down and not run during the treatment. Actually, running doesn't hurt but I guess it's sensible advice.

I'm missing running and missing the community and missing out. It's snowing, it's -8 degrees and I so want to be out there to prove to myself I can run in snow.

Anyway, having not popped in to say 'hi' I thought I would brave it and have seen a variety of posts to make me smile. I really hope I can get back out there soooooon..... Will have to go back to level 6 or 7 I reckon - anyone any ideas???


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Hi Sara and welcome to the Walking Wounded section of the forum...

Poor you, but you're definitely doing the right thing - you'll get better quicker if you follow advice. Maybe you can go on a stationary bike or even a crosstrainer till you can run again? Not the same thing at all I know, but I was/am happy to do both while my knees were/are uncooperative. Today was my second treadmill 'run', six minutes gentle jogging, okay afterwards so far. Better than after Sunday's 5 minutes and slower run, and I'm going to increase VERY slowly. Depending on how it feels tonight and tomorrow I might try two 5 min intervals on Friday - or if it's less good I'll cross-trainer on Friday and repeat my 6 mins on Sunday... Baby steps.

But it was SOOOOO good to be running again, even on a treadmill :-D

I hope you're back out running soon now! I agree the snowy landscape is amazing, but I'm sticking to my nice warm gym till the spring now - not going to risk any 'cold' injuries. Your heel spurs are possibly less susceptible to cold than my muscles, but do wrap up well, won't you? Or maybe start out on a treadmill for the first couple of runs? It's softer, less strenuous and easier to control exactly what you're doing in terms of speed and incline.

Keep us posted and all the best when you do get out! :-)


Ohhhhh Mitts - thank you for such a kind and supportive message :-). It does seem as if a few of us are having to sit on the sidelines for a while. You're right... Much better to take time out now before something snaps off! I had pictures of the spurs becoming so brittle in the cold and splitting... Yuck!

A friend has a treadmill in his pension down the road and has said i can use that at any time. There's a sauna and infra-red cabin along with a spa pool so perhaps that might be my first port of call on my road back to the road... If you see what i mean :-)!

Sounds like all your needs are catered for in your gym - sounds cosy. Mitts, do you know the Topfen (quark) cure for inflammation? The Austrians rightly swear by it and I'd forgotten about it until someone reminded me. So it's the quark Kur for me tonight and for a few days.

I think Santa has some warm winter running gear lined up for me so there's a motive to play the waiting game. Well certainly make sure everything is wrapped and coddled when i do go out again.

Good luck with your brave progress Mitts. I ran away from the community because i was sad about not running but couldn't resist a peek and I'm glad i did... It makes a huge difference to be able to connect in sickness and in health :-). It really is such a great community and responses like yours are heartwarming and motivating, thank you

Sara :-) xox


I'd forgotten about quark and inflammation... might actually try it, I've been using a cherrystone sack but was reading the other day that ice isn't always good for you... I'm going to look out the websites again and post what they say and see what other people here think.

But Sara... you have a treadmill, a sauna, an infra-red cabin and a spa pool at your disposal... and you are hankering after a run in -8° on hard, icy tracks in a snowstorm... :-D Go for comfort while you're running post-injury, woman - you can admire the scenery a lot more comfortably just going for a walk... I do know this is my inner wimp talking and outside runners like Delia and Swanscot might not agree - but I like my gym almost as much as I like my woods, now... try it, you might be surprised! :-)

And if you're lucky we'll get the usual warm spell over Christmas and you can try out your new gear then :-)


God Mitts you've made me laugh :-).

Nah.... Sorry, I'm with D and Swanscot but i admire your inner wimp :-).! However, i will bow to that wimp's wisdom for my recovery run-lets! Lol :-)!

Tonight it's quark mixed with a bit of arnica on my feet wrapped in cling film and a sock and i know the wonders will be felt tomorrow :-).

Oh don't tell me about the xmas warm spell... Every year I'm lulled into a false sense of security that the snow will still be there on the day..... Every year it's been a break out of spring, confusing the birds, squirrels, deer and me!! Mitts, we'll check in and see if there's any change :-)!

Thanks Mitts

Sara xox


Just for fun this year the Swiss weatherpersons have made an 'oracle'... are we going to get a white Chiristmas???

I suspect you're on the east side of Austria but if you're not have a look:

Personally I'm for no-snow on the 24th and 25th when I have to drive, masses of snow till the 2nd (on holiday here at home then) and then spring. But somehow, I doubt it'll work out like that... :-)


That's fun Mitts :-)... yes we are about 50 minutes west of Vienna, sitting under the Eastern most Alps - Rax Alpe.

Mitts, where the heck are you driving to and from on Xmas day - doesn't sound at all relaxing!!! BUT... I can understand your demands :-) - i LOVE snow, far far better than all that impossible heat in Oz - 40 degrees at 18.00 was never a joke!!! I like a real winter, it feels cosy.

I think I've asked you this before so sorry... how good is your German Mitts???

Happy weekend, Sara :-)


Just visiting family - a half hour drive in good weather but it's halfway up a mountain over a dirt track with no streetlights... fun in the snow... but according to the oracle we'll be safe enough this year :-)

My Swiss German is good, I've lived here for over 20 years so it would be difficult not to learn that! My passive High German is good too, I can watch films and read books etc no problem - but when I try to speak High German it comes out a little too... Swiss. But I manage! Austrian German, especially what they speak in Vienna is quite a different kettle of fish though - good luck with that!!

Hope the heel's behaving. I've decided to take a week off all sport except my exercises and see what my knees do then! :-)


Poor poor you. Don't even think of running till you are better and someone once posted a thing about how long fitness lasts but I cannot for the life of me remeber who it was or when, so don't worry about losinf fitness. It takes ages to lose it. And I'm secretly jealous of thouse who pound the treadmill like Mitts. I'm so norman-wisdom-cum-mr-bean like with 3 left feet I just fall of :-)

Take care and talk soon, love delia


What rubbish spelling, please forgive!


It's more creeping gingerly than pounding at the moment... :-) And I hold on when I change speed...

But you're right about the fitness, I am hugely encouraged by the fact that even after 6 weeks my baby runs are so easy-peasy. Having said that I'll probably fall off next time but never mind.

Sara, just think that come the spring we'll be out in the fresh air again with Delia, admiring our respective scenery. :-)


... and hopefully you will both be admiring mine too ;-)

Must get a digital camera ...


Hey you guys, you've made me feel all spring-like with your cheery comments :-).

Mitts, that it's exactly why i don't like treadmills... Like D, i either fly over the front our speed off the back - not sure if it's a right brain/left brain thing but i do have poor visual spatial awareness - it leads to very Mr bean like moments like both you and D by the sounds of it :-).

Thanks guys, you've done me a power of God and thrilled to know that my Ohhhhh so strong thighs will stay with me, gracing my body for a while yet :-) lol!


Sara xox


Just as long as we don't land on youtube, it doesn't really matter what we look like... as long as we don't fall off and do ourselves another injury! :-)


:-) :-)!!

I agree Mitts, it's the way we feel fantastic for doing it at all that counts ..... Although you tube full of C25kers doing their thing would be a sight for sore eyes :-)!



Hey Girls, I know I shouldn't joke about this, but aged parents locked themeselves in yesterday -- or rather BARRICADED themselves in! My legs are so strong that I knocked the door down with a kick! Believe me, this would have been impossible 6 months ago!


OMG D... or should I call you Rambo??!!! Gracious, what a worry for you but at least you are now kitted out for the job.

D... how awful, d'you know what triggered their decision? They must have been feeling very insecure about something.

I know you say you shouldn't joke but I think in these situations it's important to be able to make it feel lighter - which you did with those legs of yours :-).

Take care of yourself D

Sara xox


Wow... maybe you should take up kick-boxing, Delia... but it's comforting to know your legs won't let you down in an emergency...

It's our time of life, kids leaving the nest and aged parents. I only have my father now and he's going down the slippery slope mind-wise too. So I know how much fun it isn't.

Take care xx


Me too. Can't imagine how anyone does this on a treadmill. Hang on in there, Sara, you'll be out with Laura in no time.



Hi Dorothy :-)

Thank you, thank you.

See, it really does make a difference to bring the glums back into the community 'cos I'm not glum anymore :-)

How's your pond?? Frozen yet? Please send us photos of you with pick axe before you do an antarctic exploration on it :-)!!!!

Sara xox


Actually - yes. Yesterday I was swimming, very briefly, with ice floes.

Will blog about it when I've downloaded the photo.


Can't wait :-)

Oooh, you are a stoic Dorothy - is that just pure mind over matter or do you have some recessive eskimo gene?


Positive, healing thoughts speeding your way, psarapsych! :)


Hi Oona, thank you so much :-). This community really is special and your wishes make me realise how important it is.

Thank you for the thoughts and i hope you're going well...?

Sara :-) xox


Yes thanks, Sara. Took part in the Glasgow Santa Dash last Sunday and working on getting my 5k time below 30 mins. Dodging horizontal rain showers and icy pavements - nothing like your weather though! :)


Oooh, blimmin 'eck Oona - bet you chased a lot of cobwebs away that day.

Congratulations Oona, just amazing - I'm a bit in awe :-)

Freezing weather is freezing wherever you are... after that it doesn't matter 'cos you're too numb to feel the differences anyway!!!

Well done, Sara xox


Soooo sorry to hear this Sara; I had missed you and wondered where you had been and so was going to get in touch to make sure you were ok......but obviously not!! :0(

It is awful when you are itching to run but cant - and you really want to give those Yaktrax a go too I bet?!!

Yes, I understand your sadness and "glumness" but do keep coming to the forum even if you dont contribute because it just keeps it there in the forefront of you mind all the time so you dont lose the motivation which could so easily happen after a while away.

You really must make use of that sauna and spa pool - sounds wonderful after a run in the snow and what an offer! Wow!!

Do take care of yourself Sara and be patient and when you are back out there just run for as long as you are able without overdoing it and then you can decide how to proceed. We so often underestimate what we can do but you need to listen to those heels too......

Best wishes and big, big hugs {{{{{Sara}}}}}

Sue xoxoxo


Dear, dear Sue, i knew you'd be wondering... Yes it was not the best move to just disappear!

Thank you so much for your advice and Support, i know you know about waiting and being patient :-).

Yes the friend who owns the pension is a runner but he runs up 2000 metre mountains before breakfast! However, once the Uni semester is over i might just do an outside run (sorry Mitts) and use the sauna.... Weirdly enough not a great sauna fan but the infra-red... Now that is a motivation :-).

Sue, I'll be good and take it easy and won't even think of running until xmas - perhaps 5 minutes on xmas day to join in with all those doing the challenge...? You guessed it re the yaktrax :-)!! I think Santa may have sthg thermal for me to w wear too so double incentive.

I won't disappear Sue... After all these really good and positive comments, i realise how really special the forum is and such special people :-)

Thanks Sue and thanks for the hugs :-) xox


I am one of the Walking Wounded Mitt refers to and I'm so sorry to hear you are too. It is frustrating not being able to run, isn't it? I've been told by my sports physio that I mustn't run and I wouldn't dare to ignore her advice! I might not have been too clever continuing to run when I first experienced this pain, and therefore getting myself into this mess, but I've learnt my lesson and am being patient.

I took a 5 km walk today in the local wood - the wood I don't run in very often because of the 200m of ascent - and it was slippery on the forest track, but great to be out there in the frozen air. All our snow from last week has gone, but I know what you mean about wanting to prove to yourself about running in the snow! Crazy, but true! Never mind, there will be more chances for that in the coming months.

When I start running again, I'm not thinking of "going back to...", but thinking in terms of 'post-recovery runs'. I know I can run for 30 mins/5K+, but will be CHOOSING not to, choosing short runs instead.

I hope you get the 'all clear' from your medical professionals soon!


Swanscot :-), hello... It's so frustrating, i tried to send you a reply yesterday afternoon but the train went through a 'dead' area and, oddly, when it came alive again my message to you was gone - bizarre.

I had noticed you were in dry dock and was going to message you about that too.... Anyway, i have to say that sometimes it is a good thing to be in good company when facing something unwanted and on this occasion it helps because the ability to communicate about the tough things on this forum means others relate their experiences and share tips which can rejuvenate the motivation :-).

I'm interested to hear about the ascent in your woods and that you don't run up it! Wooded paths are mostly mountainous in my area so finding earthy running floors is not easy. It's either Austrian style - up a 2000 metre mountain before breakfast our a run/walk along the river, nothing in between like flat forest tracks (near me at least).

I like your positive spin on recovery :-). Funny, i am actually looking forward to cling back to some of those earlier runs; i don't feel negative about that just gnashing my teeth about being stabled - grrr!

Yes, i can get on my home trainer bike but it just is so uneventful. I love being outside - the sounds, the freshness of the air,, the shapes of tees etc. it never fails to make my spirits soar... So sitting on a stationary bike in the spare room... Well!

No physio but the look on my doctor's face when i asked if i could run during treatment (as running doesn't hurt my heels) was volcanic! So... I'm behaving... Darn difficult i may say.

Good luck with all your progress Swan and look forward to hearing how things are going for you, Sara xox


Me too - with the post recovery runs I mean. It's so annoying, if I am very careful with my activities now I can do a five minute run... But if I do too much apart from that, my knees protest. So do I nurse my knees and get the kick of running a few minutes every few days, or should I forget the running and have more fun doing other things?? At the moment I'm trying to do a bit of both and sometimes I'm not sure it's working...

But onwards and upwards... :-)

Good luck with your next physio appt!


Hi Sara, sorry to hear about your troubles but I thought you might like to know that your blog has inspired me. For a variety of reasons, I have only run twice in the last 6 weeks, and now the ice has hit, plus I am working full-time and don't get the daylight... you get the picture.

I have been sulking, and hiding from the community. I've always at the very least congratulated people on their graduation, plus commented on a few blog posts and occasionally posted myself. I haven't done any of this for a while, not even checking in with the daily email summary.

But your post has made me determined to get back here, even if I can't run consistently yet. From today, I will read all the blogs, because they inspire and amuse me, and I will post - even if it's just to say that I'm fed up and could do with some encouragement. Thanks for your post!


Annie, that's brilliant :-).

I just thought that the community was strong enough for my glums and that if anything could make me feel better it was going to be all you wonderful souls.

I agree, it is difficult sometimes to be on the forum when we're not doing what we're 'meant' to be doing... Sort of like 2nd class citizens watching all those lucky ones getting on first class :-) - lol! But, really... Not being a'joiner' usually, i have found my absence from the community had lowered my levels of motivation.

I'm so pleased you've got your own personal goals and i send you all the will and strength in the world to get what you want and to find a way to enjoy running when you can. I honestly think that life gets so chewy that i have to give myself a little slack to be... Just human :-)!

Good luck Annie

Sara :-) xox


You and Mitts 2nd class? My ****!

Come on, you are among the stars of this forum whether running round the mountains, on treadmills or not running at all!


Heeee Heeee Rambo Girl :-)

Okay, so we're special class then :-) :-)

Having a break at the Uni from Hell before administering a (direct translation) mouth exam to 20 iPhones - grrrrr!!!

Look after yourself there D with your parents

Sara xox


Sorry to hear about your heel spurs, Sara - (mind you, it sounds kind of cowboy-ish!). I think it's thrilling though, that you're aching to get out and run in the snow! And it also means that your motivation is still there. I'm sure that you'll lose very little fitness, especially if you're still able to get out and walk. Best of luck with the treatment, hope that it has a rapid effect. Happy Christmas and hope Santa brings you the winter running gear! viv xx


Hi Viv - yes it does have a certain Western ring to it :-)!!

A relief to hear you say about the fitness. Weirdly enough, where I found time to fit in my runs before stopping, my time has now disappeared and I can't even fit in a walk or other exercise - quite bizarre and I'm going a bit stir crazy - aaarrrrggghhh!

I think the treatment is slowly working and once it's finished I'll do a concentrated week of stretching before even thinking of going running again and then I think I'll start at week 4 again or something like that.

Happy Christmas Viv and hope Santa does likewise for you :-), Sara xx


Sorry to hear you are out of full running action for a while, but try not to fret. I don't know how long you've been walking wounded for, but your fitness will zoom back within a few short runs because of muscle memory. I had such a lot of time off for about 4 or 5 weeks and it's only taken me about 5 runs to make some serious progress from where I was before, so not just recovery, zooming on again, I'm sure you will be the same (especially as you are a proper runner, not scared of hilly bits like wussy me). It would be good if you can do something else like crosstrainer, walking, etc in the meantime, if only to stop you going completely stir-crazy.

Good luck for your speedy recovery (and to all the others who are on recovery).




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