Running Partner S20. Halfway/Moborough Sheffield

Running Partner S20. Halfway/Moborough Sheffield

Really unfit. Not "FAT" allover, but a recent photo was a blimey moment when I saw my Stomach.

Wanting a running partner(s) to get fit with as I am really out of shape. Preferably someone who is also starting out as my stamina is poor.

I've started doing some uphill walking to condition myself before the 5K training. The Couch to 5K app, while forgiving , quickly gets OMG time. I think I can do at least 30 seconds of running before I need to stop right now.

Im 13 stone, look skinny, as its all around my middle, and as I'm 42 want to rid myself of this, knowing the health implications of a chubby tum.

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  • I reckon you'll be fine doing the C25k podcasts by yourself. You have to listen to what Laura is saying so you can't be chatting to other folks and running. You'll need all your puff. Once you've graduated you can then get a running pal. I joined our local Jog group via the local council website. You're bound to have several near you, being in the Sheffield area. I've run with ours 3 times since I graduated from 5 k. Looking forward to runs in better weather as I've only run in foul weather up to now. Yours is probably called JogSheffield. Happy running

  • Cheers, makes sense. Will do the C25K first. Makes sense any potential jogging partner would have done the pod-casts first :) Guess I have to motivate myself without relying on others at the start, which I was looking for, otherwise it will prob' be a short lived attempt . I'll stick with Laura for the 9 weeks, wish me luck..... :D

  • You can always come here for support. Post after each run or week and like minded runners will encourage you.

  • Welcome to the best forum on the internet, Dave. To get the most out of C25k, I believe that you are better off doing most runs by yourself. You need to find a comfortable and sustainable pace, which is enough to get your heartbeat raised. If this doesn't coincide with your running partner's natural pace, then one of you will be running below optimum or be pushing too hard. It is great to run with others, but maybe best after you have graduated.

    This course is brilliant for building stamina, but be warned, you may well find a new obsession in your life.

    Good luck. Keep running, keep posting.

  • I agree with others that you will feel better running on your own for the 9 weeks, and then...join a parkrun..its so much fun, and you get to meet new people, I think there are lots in your area??? you could then join a running club? Good luck and yourself...

  • To my mind it doesn't matter if you have to stop running at 30 seconds, I did, took me weeks to get to week 1. And it took me several weeks more to get week 2. It doesn't matter, do your best to stick to the plan and you'll get there, even if it takes 15 weeks.

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