Ok, I think I'm crazy! Only graduated 2 weeks ago and just got a ballot place for the Great North Run :s

I honestly didn't think as a first time runner in the race and a ballot release limited to 3,000 until the 2nd Feb I'd get a place (100,000 people apply for 56,000 places) but I have, I'm in shock! This just got real, best start looking for a training plan (although I do have until 7th Sept to reach half marathon distance) I'm a little bit scared for my sanity now!


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  • Now there's a focus for your New Year running! Brilliant! Just remember slow and steady to start with......

    Keep us posted with your progress. Good Luck. Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Wow how exciting! Go for it. The atmosphere is brilliant at the GNR, I went watching a friend a few years back (would love to do something like that one day). Good luck with the training

  • I pre registered for the ballot but only got my email today inviting me to enter so I've missed the initial 3,000 places. I've registered and will find out mid Feb if I've got a place, but not hopeful. Good luck with the training and keep us updated on your progress X

  • Great minds think alike, or we are just crazy! I've done exactly the same. I never expected to get in so when I got the email I was in shock.

    Good luck with your training. I've downloaded the Asics app which seems good.

    See you on the 7th September :-)

  • Don't worry IannodaTruffle, never more than 10% increases :) Thanks Leyther1, although I live in Newcastle I've never been to watch anyone run it, hoping there isn't too many hills! Saruma, keeping my fingers crossed for you, shame about only just getting your email, I got mine Saturday. MelB82, see you on the starting line and good luck with the training, the link to their plan told me the training plan started on the 23/03/14 so I have ~10 weeks start increasing my distances from 5k to wherever the 10% rule takes me.

    Slowly getting over the shock!

  • Wow that's a challenge. Very exciting though and motivating.

    I've thought about doing some sort of run for a while but have only just stated the c25k and it's the first time I've run in my life ( I'm 52) so it will be a long while, if ever.

    Good luck with the training.

  • Never say never, my Dad took 6 months off for injury from running, he's 60 and will beat me any day of the week (I'm half his age!) on both distance and speed :) good luck with the programme!

  • Wow! Lucky you! I pre-registered but haven't heard a thing so not sure what that means. Still - all is not lost for those who don't get a ballot place - you can always get a charity place - it just means you have to do a bit of fund raising as well as your training. I did it last year, at which point I'd been running for about a year and definitely want to do it again this year. You'll be fine - as long as you do the training - and what better motivation could you have?! Good luck!

  • Did you check your junk folder? Second round of ballot places should be open so you may want to take a look on the website. I've decided to run for Parkinson's UK but didn't want the pressure of having to raise £350 :) Hope you get a place too!

  • That was a good call, thanks - it was in junk folder! Unfortunately, I didn't know about the Daily Mirror ballot so would only ever have been in the general ballot anyway so nothing lost. Will wait 'til the results are out in February and then, if necessary, find a charity place. To be fair, in these days of JustGiving and the like, getting sponsorship is not as painful as in the "olden days" when you had to tout your form around and collect actual money! Good luck with your training - we'll have to compare notes!

  • Yes, keep me up to date with your training, off for my first park run on Saturday which is exciting. Keeping my fingers crossed you get a place

  • Wow - I've just seen this thread, there are several of us ;-)

    Good luck with your training, I'm going to register with Help for Heroes in the next few days. I've also booked accommodation today, the Premier Inn in North Shields has rooms still but most mainstream hotels seem to be block books by Nirvana who want almost £100 for my family to get on a bus if I stay in one of their over inflated rooms....

  • So happy I live on the Newcastle boundary, 20min walk and a 10min metro ride for me (bet that'll be packed too, esp from Jesmond as there are a few hotels on Osborne road) bet you're glad you got an early place as you'd be worse off come February! Good luck with your training too :)

  • I managed to get in to the Premier Inn, North Shields - the manager said its easy for the South Shields finish?

    I was running around Cobalt Tuesday night if you know it.

  • Looking on google maps where the finish is and your hotel I'd say its a good choice, I'm estimating a 15min walk from the end to the ferry terminal at South Shields at the top of their high street, off at North Shields with another 15min walk to your hotel, given how many people are running at least you don't need transport back to the city centre. There's also an outlet shopping centre right next door, not the best but if you get bored :)

    I know Cobalt, not too far from me, did you run round the nature part and down the tram tracks they have?

  • Thanks - though I may be struggling to walk, lol.

    It was dark, I ran a loop from the Village hotel towards Cobalt Business Park and up the A191 (apart from one lap where I took a wrong turn)... The run is here:


    Thanks for your help on the hotel.

  • Impressive miles per minutes stats there! (I'm averaging about 11:15 on a good day and 11:45 on a bad day but in my defence I have short legs as the boyfriend likes to point out!) Nice loop to choose too, if you want a different run (not a loop) next time head to the roundabout where you come in to Cobalt and take a left, then at the next roundbout go straight over, when you hit the one at the A19 if you bear right and go back a junction you'll go towards Northumberland park metro on your right at the next roundabout, if you go left at that roundabout you'll pass a toby carvery and a pub called the pavillion, the road then continues towards the coast, the road is a bypass and has cycle and walking lanes and will be quiet :)

    And yes.....not sure how much walking i'll manage either after a half marathon but the ferry will definately be the quicker way back across the tyne, although it may be worth seeing if there are any bus routes that go from south sheilds to north sheilds using the tyne tunnel otherwise it's the long way round..... back the way we came.

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