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Great North Run in sept - anyone still looking for a place?

My son in law is involved in NECCR ( North of England Childrens Cancer Research Fund) who still have 40+ places available. This is a charity which is working to improve the treatment and side effects for children with cancer. Our grandson has leukemia so I know how important their work is. You would have to raise £150 but this also includes your entry fee. I appreciate not everyone agrees with sponsorship but I thought I would let you know in case you or someone you know didn't get a place and still want to do GNR in Sept. Oh and if you do run for them you will be offered guaranteed place for the following 3 years for one off fee of £50 ( you would have to pay your entry fee but no other fundraising involved)

The cut off date is end of May so please PM if you interested and I can give you contact details.

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I'd love to. I'm going to have to work on darling OH he'd be happy spending our honeymoon in Manchester though, which might be the down part 😊


I think that's a fantastic opportunity Fitfor60 thanks for letting us know about it, the amount they are asking for is much lower than most of the charity places - I will let running buddies know about it. I have a ballot place myself this year. Hope all is well with your grandson and the family.


I think I might be doing it as well! Help!! All started when said to jim couldn't do the GNR as no places left and he told me about charity places ? Brody still on daily chemo etc but doing fine thanks. Hope you well

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GNR here we come then! I'm on the injury bench at the moment, but can't wait to start on the training - keep in touch and let me know how you get on. x


Will do and hope you back running soon


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