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W8 done! What comes after w9?

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Well I got there. My first run in the rain! I can see now that I will finish the programme, and I am truly surprised and grateful to the programme and everyone here for that. My stamina/endurance are not great and my speed is well short of getting 5 k in 30 minutes. Reading the posts on here I know I am not alone in that. After 28 minutes I'm relieved to stop, so there's plenty of scope for improving on all fronts. I've seen the follow on programmes & wondered if I could get feedback from those who have gone on to do b210k, stepping stone (speed or stamina) programmes. I'd also be interested in those that have gone back to week 1 & done run/jog intervals rather than jog/ walk? Of course everyone is different, but it would be interesting to know how you felt about the next phase, did it work for you? Any thoughts much appreciated!

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I have done a combination of 5k, shorter run and interval run using the c25k plus speed podcast. My plan was to improve my speed prior to running my first organised 5k run. Now that I have done that I am planning to work at increasing distance and plan to run a 10k race next year. Good luck moving forward.

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Thks, sounds like it's working for you.


For the social element, pure fun & the joy of running look and see if there is a parkrun near you. Don't feel you have to run the whole way, but you can use it it to run and chart your progress :)


What comes next? Anything you want, the fact that you can run for 28 mins, is a fantastic acheievement and it gives you a good baseline for increasing your fitness with any exercise you want really. I do swimming, HIIT, and 8km runs. Im not really any faster than when i graduated, but im slimmer and fitter. I am contemplating following the NIKE 5k training plans, as they look pretty good for getting times down in a structured. Im hoping this time next year i'll be running 5k in 25 mins, thats a tall order, but so was doing the C25K at the beginning of the year.


I graduated in August and have done lots of running with Laura C25k+ and without anything too. I must admit it was easier to run in the warmer weather. I have even gone without a run for 6-7 days and been back to it surprising myself by finding I could still run!

As far as I can make out likes some one else said you can do anything you want. My next attempt will be a park run but the nearest is10m away and my Saturday morning sleeps are precious๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š. Maybe in the spring.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do...

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I have found a Parkrun about 29km from home. There aren't many yet in South Australia, so this is quite lucky. i'd like to. Have the confidence that I can complete 5 km running ( well actually jog/shuffling- juffling maybe) before I show up. So that's part of my aim.


I graduated on 31 October and am still sorting out my post C25K 'programme'. My first aim is to run 5k (I graduated just shy of 4k, but am building slowly and am now up to 4.25k).

I tried Stepping Stones podcast but didn't get on with it - hated the music and had trouble finding the beat (confirmed that I have no sense of rhythm whatsoever so will make up my own playlists going forward - the Boss, Blondie etc = yay!)

Yesterday I had my first go at intervals - went back to W1R1 and tried run/jog intervals rather than jog/ walk. It was a killer - found I needed to walk in the recovery bits rather than jog but managed all 8 so will keep going with this as I think it will help my speed.

So my schedule has sort of fallen into place. 3 runs a week - 1 long one (increasing time by 3 mins each time in order to get to that 5k), 1x set of intervals (W1R1) and 1 x easy shorter run (30 mins but starting gradually to increase time whilst deliberately keeping way behind my longer run).

Once I've run 5 k, the next aim is to bring my timing down so that I can do a Parkrun without finishing last, then aim for that golden goal of 5k in 30 mins. But like others have said, you can do anything you want and the important thing for me is to keep enjoying my running. Just try some different things and see what you like and what you don't.


I graduated on a treadmill, so my post grad plan has been to start running outside, building up to running 30 minutes (achieved!), then build up to running 5k outside (work in progress). Then maybe try a park run, or try to do 5k more quickly, or increase my distance, or try stepping stones...not sure which yet! I do feel I need a goal to get me out there but hope that one day I'll find I'm just running because I want to run.


Well done you. One of my next goals is to actually run a full 5 k, and then I'm still debating .. but my main goal is to achieve a regular 3 times a week run.


I've done all of the things you mention! I love Speed and Stamina, I use them both all the time! Not so keen on Stepping Stones although I use it sometimes. I've also used week 1 as an intervals run when I've fancied something a bit longer than Speed. I've worked my way up to 10K - I used the podcasts so I had something to listen to, but I preferred to increase my distance a little at a time until I got to 10K. I'd suggest a few weeks of consolidation for you, then whatever takes your fancy! It's not either or, it's YOUR run, do it your way! Variety is the spice of life and all that!

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Thanks! I've found having a programme to work to and specific goals really helpful - so I'm getting together my plan for the next few weeks!

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Let me know what it is, I'm always interested in what other runners are doing xx

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