Double chuffed!

I can't quite believe it but I graduated today at the Poole Parkrun!!! Also managed to do it in 30 minutes (officially 29:45). Garmin data here if anyone wants a look: Poole is a really nice course if you're ever down in Dorset, even with today's wind and rain! Anyhow, I'm staying in for the rest of the day now-warm fire, cup of tea and all that. Good luck to us all in 2014 and as ever, onward and upward.

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  • Well done Michael! All the people graduating this week are spurring me on to keep looking for a break in the clouds and get out there. Just 5 runs to do to graduate...I ordered my garmin today :)

  • Congratulations brilliant , what away to graduate !.

  • Well done YOU! You deserve to feel chuffed - and I hope that fantastic feeling lasts for ages for you! Enjoy it!

  • Way to go Massive congratulations and fantastic time Remember and ask for your grad badge

  • That sounds like a great graduation run. Congratulations and hope you enjoyed your cup of tea!

  • Congratulations on graduating -fantastic time too! I graduated a couple of months ago but have yet to do 5k in 30 mins.

  • Congratulations! Great feeling isn't it. Also great to discover Parkruns -

    I too was thrilled to do my first Parkrun in under 30 minutes (only be 5 seconds, but they are very important seconds).

  • Well done, on both counts. Here's to lots of parkrunning in the future!

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