Super chuffed!

Super chuffed!

I did my first ever non-stop 10K this morning, can't believe I actually did it! Not super fast, when was I ever super fast, but steady, and I'm delighted! It was a lovely day for running, the first crocuses are just showing their first shoots along The Backs (backs of the colleges) there were loads of people out and about, crazy tourists veering around on rented bikes, rowing teams out on the Cam and ME doing my first 10K!! Did I tell you I've done 10K?

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  • Well done :) That's excellent :)

  • Oh CG that's absolutely bl**dy fantastic! So many congrats to you for your perseverance and determination. You've done it! A huge goal has been achieved and little you did it! Enjoy that feeling and be proud.

  • Did i hear you say you've done a 10K!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????? excellent work curlygurly!

    * must be your new profile of curlygurly2 giving you some added oommphh? Love the new photo, wish i had your curls! :)

  • Ha ha, that was my wedding day, it was a bit windy!

  • Well done, what an achievement for you

  • oh babe thats fantastic...well done you Curly xxxx

  • Well done, that's so exciting! What an achievement!

  • Well done CG(2) on your achievement. I'm not sure you told us have far you went :-) ?

  • Brilliant! The world's your lobster now ;)

  • Super well done Curly :-D really pleased for you and especially around Cambridge with the 1st signs of spring

  • We, cmgrats curly! That is amazing!!

  • Wow!!! Excellent!!! Well done!! Doesn't matter how long you took! You just did 10k!!! Marvellous!!!!

  • Congrats CG, very well done!

  • well done curly

    girl,what an achievment you must feel fantastic.

  • Fantastic! Well done :D

  • Ooooooo CG I am soooo jealous! Well done that's absolutely fantastic! Did you do it completely nonstop with no walking? Slow is good imo. You must be feeling over the moon (well that's what all the foopballers say on the talky bits in the evening, isn't it?). Me? Still on the IC. Thinking about maybe 20 mins on Monday ...

  • Yes non stop apart from a few seconds waiting for traffic lights. I'm sorry you're still injured, I've come down with a rotten cold now, I'm amazed I managed that yesterday.

  • Wow CG that's amazing, well done you! xxx

  • Whoop!!!!!! Well jel!!! Amazing work. :-)

  • Well done!! I'm hoping to get to 10k soon - probably at about your time too. I couldn't care less about 'speed'. It's great to see tge 1st signs of Spring we've got crocuses popping their heads up & even some brave daffodils in flower. Really perks you up doesn't it? Happy running!

  • Oh that's fantastic Curly! Bet you're still grinning this morning too :D How far was it again? ;) 10K!!!!! :D

  • That's brilliant. Congratulations!

  • Yay ! Absolutely FAB-U-LOUS Curly !!

    Oh Well Done to you, you are amazing ! :-) xxx

  • Fantastic. Well done.

  • Curly, that's fantastic. Well done on your first non stop 10k. That's an amazing achievement and so you should to be feeling super chuffed.

  • Woo hoo thats brilliant and love the time. That's the pace I am trying to get to now. Well done.

  • Fantastic Curly... that really is a run to remember, even more so that it was non-stop. Hope I can do the same later when I do a long run. :-)

  • Fantastic achievement Curly, very well doneπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  • Oh, I remember that feeling. You must and should feel pretty proud of yourself. Never mind the pace, it's not important. The thing now is to make it a regular part of your programme. It took me a whole month before I attempted a second one after the effort of the first, but I do them all the time now. It's a great distance where you can take in the sights and sounds as you go if you want to and, if you're like me, not feel the pressure of "I must go under 30 minutes" for 5k.


  • Well done! I am hoping to work up to 10k over the spring so hope to be able to report the same achievement in a few months. Congratulations!

  • 10k is a wonderful distance, my favourite, and you got there!! Well done CG!!! Where next?

  • Not sure Ian, for the moment - I'll be back in France for the summer soon, I wanted to do the 10K as pretty much there I only have 2 routes - 3.5K and 5K - at least I can do 2 x the 5K one now..Maybe next winter I can think about something longer..

  • How did I miss this post?? Congratulations Curly, this is fantastic. You're a walking talking advert for the power of c25k and the c25k+ podcasts. Well done you! I'm super impressed and more than a little bit jealous. Go Curly!!!!

  • Thank you AM, I am feeling very proud ATM, and also a little humble, cracked PR last week too, with not a little help from Madge, after my dire first attempt.C25K is brilliant, and so is this group xxx x

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