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Badge of honour?

Last night hubby asked what I was up to today, then asked me to go to Wickes to get another tin of paint (he's painting our bedroom) in the morning, the idea being that if I go he can get on with the paint he has, if he goes it wastes a couple of hours of painting time. Unfortunately this didn't fit in with plans for a run or a parkrun; independent run from 8.30 ish to some time after 9, home, shower, I wouldn't get out until 10ish, back about half 11, most of the morning gone. Same with parkrun, run 9 to about half past, back tenish, don't get out until even later. But no, I soldiered on, went to parkrun, but instead of coming home and going back out I drove straight to Wickes in my fluorescent top and jacket, shorts and sodden running shoes.

Far from being self conscious that I was wearing shorts in January and had legs covered in mud to the knees (and beyond!) I felt happy, content; I was flaunting my fitness (and idiocy of running in the wind, rain and mud) to all who could see it!

Happy running everyone!

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Well done..... Feels great doesn't it, I have had to go shopping a couple of times when I have gone running after work, I use to go home and change then go back out, now I just stroll around in my gear........this time last year I would never of gone out in anything so revealing


Think it's becoming a common theme; I was to be found plodding round the co-op in running tights, mud & soggy trainers getting milk & muesli for breakfast! No embarrasment these days! :-)


Well done for doing park run Funny now when I see similar people in shops I now think ' oh I wonder were she/ has been running ' Did he finish the painting?


Still going. He's done the walls, now he's on the skirting and doors. Leave overnight, another coat tomorrow and we may be back in tomorrow evening or Monday. Ooops, that reminds me, I only came in here to get the other pair of curtains for the wash. See you all later!


Yes my husband says I'm addicted to this forum


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