more jog less run!

well this morning turned into a bit of disaster. The intended 8am run was delayed as I didn't fancy being totally drowned so thought I would just go out later in the morning.

9am, nope still too wet, finally 10am it has eased off so out I go. Usual warm up speedwalk then down the track for half a mile attempting to run turns into more of a slipping sliding and trying to remain standing competition. Too much run off water had turned the track into a squishy mud bath.

trainers full of crud I'm there trying to run, every squelch and mud splattering out all over the place. I managed 2 more miles before giving up any pretence that this was a run and went back to jogging. Finally home, trainers off outside and a cuppa to thaw out. 3 hours later, more rain has made a good job of rinsing off the trainers.

So the morale of this story is don't be put off by a bit of rain, get out there, get dirty & soaked and use the rain to clean off the mud and crud afterwards.

Welcome to the Autumn!

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  • Good post! Perhaps try and find a less muddy run for wet weather? Just saying!

  • I think I might have to although it's the track going behind the house, alternative is through the field which is 2ft high now so was the choice between the two..

  • well said and so true, nothing like getting out there and getting wet and dirty...good for the soul :)

  • So true, but I would never have thought runners were that dirty, obviously very wet, but I quite like it that way.

  • Me too.. ;) And nice pic long time no see on here... And still 5k ??? !!!

  • Me too.. ;) And nice pic long time no see on here... And still 5k ??? !!!

  • and the wetter and dirtier you get means you have had an even better time in my book. & thanks yes been out of the country for most of the summer but the season is over so now back in blighty. Upto 12k so far & hoping for 15k before the year is out.

  • So true!! And well done on your running that's fantastic progress...

  • Thank you it does feel so good exploring what the body it's capable of.

  • I go out in all weathers and don't really mind it that much. I hate getting my shoes mucky though. I must say though that my Nikes just seem to shrug everything off. They look the same as when I took them out the box and I never do anything to clean them, nothing at all. They deserve better. LOL

  • sometimes you just can't avoid it though, some puddles are just too tempting & I know you probably shouldn't but I just chuck the trainers in the machine with everything else and come out like new.

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