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Festive running or NOT?!

I'm sure that I'm not alone in having NOT managed to run in the past few weeks with Christmas and it's run-up.

Having graduated I managed, a few weeks later, to damage my calf presumably in my over-enthusiastic new-found passion for running. I grumpily discovered that I could only manage 5 to 10 minutes maximum at a time. Grrr! And then I (like millions of us) was thrown into the rush to provide food, presents, decorate the house (having first scoured it) make up spare beds, ice cakes etc etc and be full of Christmas cheer!

So calf had enforced rest. And the hasn't looked good, has it? So today it was blowing but not raining. Should I go or not and if I did would it be sensible to go back to week 5? A last minute change of courage made me put Laura week 9 on with the rationale that I could stop if it was too awful. And I did it! The rain lashed down once I had made a start, I went very slowly and almost ran on the spot twice when the wind caught me but I made it to the end even though it was nowhere near the elusive 5K. That can be for next year!

So happy new year to you all and if, like me you haven't got out there for whatever reason there's always 2014.

Good Luck!

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Well done for getting out there today, and what a great achievement to finish the year with a 30 minute run after injury and other things got in the way of you running for a while.

I'm sure you'll hit that 5k once you're back to running more regularly and can work your way up to it gradually.

All the best for your running in 2014!


Why, thank you. And all the best for you, too! Keep cool out there!


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