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I need to get back into this!

Hi everyone! Seasons greetings to all! :)

I started this programme in May and got to week 7 (with a few minor hiccups!) I also lost a stone in weight which was great! I then dropped to only doing one run a week for various reasons (which saw me dropping back to week 4) and I wasn't happy about this at all. It has now been nearly six weeks since my last run, mainly due to having injured my front ankle which led to very ouchy leg and knee pain! I was told that my Achilles' tendon is extremely tight and this is probably the reason, so now have exercises to stretch it!

My ankle is much better and I really want to start again but where should I start from? Would you suggest go right back to the beginning? I'm still much fitter than I was, (I can run up stairs at work now!) but it's declining and the weight is creeping up again!!!!

Many thanks for reading!

Kreesh x

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Oh bad luck about the ankle but you're in good company as Rockette and I are both laid up with injured ankles. I think we both tried to do too much too soon and have paid the price for over-enthusiasm

If you're back now I think you could take up where you left off. If it's too much then think about starting again. Stick with Laura and she'll get you round. If you run every other day it keeps you fresh. The weight will come off again if you don't reward yourself with food after your runs.


Thank you for replying.

I'm sorry to hear about your ankle. Not fun! I hope it heals quickly. Yes, it's the rewarding with food that I really need to be careful with! I've done a lot of rewarding recently without any running at all!


I'm in exactly the same situation. Got to r1 of week 8 back in November and haven't run since. Trying to motivate myself to get back out there again but like you am not sure where to start! I think my fitness has dropped off quite a lot so am thinking maybe starting again at week 5. Am planning on running he day after New Year's Day so hopefully it will be onwards until graduation in 2014. We can do this! Good luck with the rest of your journey x


Thank you! I was hoping to go out and give it a try then as well. A sort of resolution for the new year! Good luck to you too. We can do it as we have before - just need to get the head in the right place again!


Good luck I graduated the second time around recently. Yes you can do it I started back at the beginning but if you feel comfortable I'd go for it from where you left off. You can always adjust things as you progress depending how the runs feel


Go out and use the first run to see how you do. I have been playing at this for over a year and have even got to wk 9 in the past before injury struck. I've never started at the beginning again, but have used the first run to see how I go. Do the warm up and then start a gentle run and see what you can do. I bet you will be surprised and before no time you will have reached your goal. I have not run for about a month now, and am planning to start again tomorrow, and to then carry on to the graduation - but I will be starting at wk 5 or 6, as was on wk 7. Good luck, and hopfully you will make it. Take care of the ankle though and don't over do it straight off!


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