Trying to get on track!

For the last 4 months, longer really, I have been struggling. I have put on tons of weight and an ankle problem has been stopping me running, or at least giving me an excuse to stop running. It started swelling when I was training for a half marathon, which I did manage to complete but now

I feel fat, old and unfit.

I know exercise is the key to getting physically and mentally back on track, so I am back here to read all your posts and get inspired again! I felt so good when I was slimmer and fitter.

I managed a 30 min run this morning, now I just need to eat little and healthy.

I need a challenge I think because that always motivates me. Ideas?? Anyone up for it???xxxx

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  • Hi Happy ! Good to see you back on here :-)

    Sorry about your ankle , Im glad youre feeling better .

    I have been on the IC too ,but I feel ready to get out there again . I joined Slimming World last night with my hubby so I am really feeling motivated and cant wait to get stuck in again .

    Come on lets do this thing ! :-) xxx

  • Well done you and thanks for the reply! No slimming clubs here as I live in rural France, but no garages with rows of chocolate either which helps!! I just need to get my head in the right place, day 3 and I haven't given up yet!! Thanks for your support xx

  • Ah rural France ! Whereabouts if you don't mind me asking , theres quite a few from France on here :-)

    Good Luck Happy, you can do this xxx

  • Southern Haute Vienne. Love it here, lots of forests and countryside. Where are you?x

  • Im in South Manchester , very exotic . Ha ha :-D xxx

  • Yes but skimming clubs and park runs and gyms are a bonus!!!!

  • Slimming even!!!

  • Oh yes , we have got plenty of those ! Shall we do a house exchange for a bit ? Your countryside and forests sound very appealing ! :-) xxx

  • Why not lol!!! You need to love dogs, cats and horses!!!

  • Its a deal ! :-) xxx

  • Well done on getting back out there any injury can put you back physically and mentally, I know from experience.

    You are back on the horse so to speak set your self small goals to start and reward yourself when you achieve them :)

  • Thank you, luckily there are a couple of challenges here I can join in, its a great site xx

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