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Need to get back in the swing of it!!

Been "hiding" from here for a few weeks...hanging my head in shame really!

Started c25k in April, and found the first 3 weeks do-able....not EASY, but I completed them week by week and felt a real sense of achievement in doing so.....however Week 4 really seemed to throw me....I completed w4r1 (just about), but it went down hill from there with each run getting harder and harder and not being able to complete it again. After six further attempts at it feeling like I'd never be able to run any further! I decided to go back to week 3 to see if I could find my mojo, but the yucky humidness of the past weeks combined with my frustration at being stuck in the same place on this plan and not making any progress completely drained the initial motivation and enthusiasm I had for the program.

But I don't want to give up.

So here I am - back for a fresh start. I'm joining Weight Watchers tonight, and then going for a run afterwards. I have until the New Year before I need to start Wedding Dress shopping, and I want it to be a wonderful experience with lots of choice, not floods of tears and rummaging through the limited super-plus sizes!!

My plan is to start at week 3 again, with fresh eyes. What do you think? I don't feel I need to start right back at the beginning again as I know I can run for a minute and a half an three minutes as I now have done it for what feels like a million times! Would be truly grateful for any insight or suggestions :)

Many thanks....hope to report on some successful runs soon! xxxx

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Good luck getting back to it NatG. You should be able to do it NatG, a lot of the time it can be mind over matter. The biggest lesson I learnt at the beginning was that I was going too fast when my sister ran with me and told me there was no way I would last the 20 minute run at that pace.

My advice is always start out slower than you think you can manage so you have energy to get to the end.


Well done on giving it another go NatG. I actually think it would be best for you to start again but focus on improving your walking pace during the walking intervals. When I started the programme, I could already run 2 miles but had set my heart on going 3 (5k) and the last mile always defeated me. I found the first two weeks were invaluable for building up stamina and ensuring I paced myself. If you are weightwatching and calorie counting too, you might want to take a daily walk at a brisk pace, even on your "rest" days, and that way you will know you are helping your body deal with the programme. The brisk walking pace is very helpful for improving the heart and lungs and then the running pace has to be just a little bit faster than that. Do keep blogging and let us know how you get on :)


Very good advice happierswimming :) are you still really happier swimming, by the way ? :)


yes, don't think I'm going to change my name - but running has really helped with my swimming by improving my cardiovascular system and I don't sweat no matter how fast I go in the water- gotta love that! :)


Wow!! Welcome back NatG. I am sure you going to do really well this time.


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