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Woohoo - I smashed week 5, run 3!

I've been dreading this run and despite lots of kind words of encouragement, I really thought it was going to my downfall. I normally do my third run of the week on a Sunday but procrastinated and decided Christmas shopping, eating, drinking (anything really but putting on my running shoes!) was more of a priority yesterday. I'm working over Christmas so woke up in a determined frame of mind and told myself that if I don't do it today, I will get behind with the programme and lose momentum. Well, to all those who encouraged me, thank you. I've struggled through each week of the programme but this was the first run that felt easy! I can hardly believe I'm saying it but I just got into a rhythm and kept running...and running. I didn't want to stop at the end but thought I'd better had in case I pushed myself too far. I had a huge smile on my face from 15 minutes on and consequently got a massive thumbs up from another runner. I think I've now convinced myself..I AM a runner! The best Christmas present ever and Merry Christmas to all of you, especially those who have given me kind words when I've whinged that I can't do it! I CAN DO IT!

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Fantastic. I managed it earlier in the week. It is a great sense of achievement.



What a nice way to look forward to the festivities. Snug in the knowledge that you are now a runner!



HUZZZAAAHHHHHHh!!!! Amaze balls! Well done Purple73. Isn't it great to get that run under your elastic waisted troosers?

Now....if I may offer a word of advice? Your next Run is W6R1. Make sure you respect that run because I came a cropper on it. I'd smashed 5R3 and thought "I can eeeeeasily do Week 6!" How wrong I was. It was a disaster because I got too cocky. I'm not saying it's's more of a mental challenge. Take it in your stride and you will ROCK!!!

Happy Christmas Things!


Fantastic - it is such an amazing run to do: you're first biggy, that seems so ridiculous to contemplate even just a week before.


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