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Happy Xmas

Just had a lovely rosemary and camomile bath listening to my Elvis Christmas peace CD. Barry brought me a glass of pinot wine bless him. I didn't go for a run today, he wasn't happy me going on my own with the frost this morning but had a nice run on Tuesday . Looking after the daughter's Yorkshire terriers over the weekend so will get a bit of walking in . Merry Christmas and happy New Year Pat ( copied this from my C25kers Facebook page )

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Bath and wine sounds like a great combo. Prefer the frost to the wind and rain myself, but do have to watch where I run otherwise too worried about slipping to enjoy it. Enjoy walking the dog and happy Xmas to you too!


Thanks :-)


Sounds great - I think a glass of wine is a good swap for risking more injury to that shoulder. Linda


Shoulder not too at the moment cheers Pat :-)


Thanks Pat. Hope the new year bring you & your husband improved health & a lot of happiness I'll raise a glass of wine with you. (I'm a light weight drinker though).


Cheers pat -:)

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