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Ran myself to a standstill and now have back ache!

This morning I went out to run 'Stamina' pod cast and managed all sections until last one . Halfway through I simply had to sit down and did so - on the rowing machine in the park gym! Did my usual session but when I stood up I had a sharp nagging pain at the back of my left hip about a hand span below my waistline. I continued my warm down walk and it did go. Now though I feel tightness right across the my lower back. Not sure what to do with it. I realise I am in need of core muscle strengthening exercises - must look them up asap.

Nearly Christmas folks! HAVE A GOOD ONE! Enjoy the festive treats, don't feel guilty - and get out there as soon as you can to burn them all off!


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Merry Christmas to you and yours, hope the back feels better soon


Thank you, I'm sure it will. And someone else is doing Christmas this year - Thankfully!

Merry Christmas to you too!


Did you do the normal five minute warm up?


Hi misswobble, I did do my warm up before running and had been running for about 30 minutes before I did the rowing. I've decided to get back into doing some yoga core strength moves.

Happy running!


Had my yoga class this morning, focus is always on the core and I am aware how weak mine is too. One thing I am always being reminded to do in class is pull in lower abdominal muscles and tuck in my tailbone.

Hope it's just a temporary wee strain. Happy festive running!


Hi lizziebeth, I used to love yoga classes and I think I know quite a few of the moves well enough to do them on my own so will be doing them in the mornings from now on!

Yes, Happy running!


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