Running in the cold!

Hi everyone, hope you are all well.

I went out for a run tonight and it was rather cold. My only issue was the burning in my lungs, which really hampered my progress. I felt like I couldn't catch my breathe (still feel wheezy now and it's almost 90 mins since I ran).

Does anyone have any hints or tips when running in the freezing conditions to prevent the burning? Or do i just have to deal with it?

Thanks everyone :-)


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9 Replies

  • No hints, but I feel it the same. I've been mistaking it for a craving for a cigarette. (14 weeks without)

  • Wow, 14 weeks is amazing! Well done, you should be so proud of yourself. Pleased I ain't the only one tho!! :-)

  • Try wearing a buff over your mouth I find it helps good luck with your running Pat :-)

  • Thanks Pat I was going to ask what a "buff" was however Linda has answered the question for me. :-)

  • I was bugged with wheezy lungs last winter - a delightful combination of being unfit, overweight, asthmatic and recovering from bronchitis! Maybe Feb was the worst possible time to embark with C25K! Anyway, folk on here at the time advised me to use a 'buff'! (Check out your local sports shops or online) Hadn't heard of them prior. A kind of stretchy fabric tube which covers the neck and can be pulled up and over mouth and nostrils, or even right over the head and ears if you like - they can be worn several different ways. Anyway, by covering all your breathing apparatus, they warm the air you breathe it won't shock your lungs on the way down! I also wore a thermal top, (under my running top) so that I didn't get any sort of wind chill on my chest. It worked!

    Once the air going in is warm, you can just keep on running normally and without wheezing. Hope it works for you.

    Cheers, Linda

  • Thank you Linda, I was about to ask what a "buff" was, cos I didn't have a clue :-) I'll have to buy one, cos my run suffered as a result of the burning/wheezing! I am determined not to let the cold weather stop my progress.

    Thanks again :-)

  • Alongside the 'buff', I would also say, make sure during your 5 minute warm up, that you take in some deep slow breaths to get lungs used to cold .I have copd and during the year I've followed the programme , my breathing has improved so much.

  • To risk repeating what everyone has already said ~ RUN IN THE BUFF, sorry, RUN IN A BUFF. Wear it round your neck and pull it up and over your mouth and nose. They do so many designs and also polar ones.

    Thy Outdoor Fitness magazine. They are offering free ones (plus 68/p) postage to the first 6,000 or so callers. 0800 665 439. OK, they will try and sell you the mag as well, but you don't have to take it up.

  • I love my buff. I got two lovely new ones from ebay. If it's really cold I stop after my warm up walk and stretch. That seems to help. like all good advice I have got on running it came from the lovely answers on here.

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