Hello, the struggle to get back to distance starts now!

Hi all, it's been a while (about 3 months) since I last blogged and I've been meaning to blog for a while.

I'm aware that I often blogged when everything was going well and I think it is probably equally important to blog the less productive times.

Well a few months ago I had obviously over trained and just tipped my adductors (inner thigh join groin to inner knee ish) to injure / ache, the last straw for it was some speed work I think.

Anyway after a half marathon and a good few runs on holiday my back started to play up and then my calves would really tighten 1km into a run, so off I went to see a Physio (thankfully I found a scheme through work) and in effect my body was out of balance and therefore everything was triggering everything else.

So I was given some core strengthening exercises along with some balancing exercise amongst others and on the whole this has helped, I am by no means where I was, that being running care free and pushing it. I've been restricted to 5k a couple of times per week (the Physio initially suggested 2 miles, "would 5k be alright" I said) but other than my back and adductors the rest have calmed done.

Physio has given me permission to train more for an April Marathon and see how I am feel in Febuary.

So it is with trepidation that I'm about to write up my training plan.

Note to self must be more regimented with exercises and using the rolling pin on my adductor :-o

Enjoy your runs, even the bad ones :-)


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26 Replies

  • Great to see you back on this site. Hope you make progress slowly to get to your goal.

  • Cheers, I'm gonna be sensible, there will be other marathons if I can't make this one :-)

  • Welcome back Phil. I can empathise - I've been laid up with a foot injury since early October. I've been having weekly physio sessions and stretching/ rollering several times a day at home. I've just started running again this last week. My foot isn't yet completely sorted, but I'm doing some of the earlier c25k weeks in a bid to regain some lost fitness and ease my foot in gently. Fingers crossed, if all goes to plan, I'll be picking up my half marathon training early in the new year.

  • I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Sounds like you've been in the wars too.

  • As a newbie, I do find it helpful when others post the downs as well as the ups.

  • Thanks

  • Welcome back Phil and good to hear your news. Pleased you are making progress and I'm sure you will be striding out strongly again soon. Even your 5k's sound great to me, since I had a holiday and couple weeks off in October my head has given up and keeps stopping after about 15mins, tried the podcasts again but couldn't stand the music second time around, so just keep going out in the hope I will beat my mind soon. Look forward to hearing how you get on - and all the best with the rolling pin. Linda

  • Thanks. I believe there is a nhs apo that lets you play your own music if you have a smart phone.

  • Good to see you are on the mend. Good luck with the recovery and the training!

  • Thanks

  • Glad you're on the mend and active again - both running and blogging.

    Viki :-)

  • Cheers

  • Great to hear you're on the mend and able to start on your training plan, Phil.

    I can totally relate as I'm the same boat myself - although I've not actually seen the sports physio this time... yet. I, too, have back pain and self-diagnosed with one condition then changed my mind! I'm stretching and rolling and stretching some more each day. I'm going to try a wee, easy run today and if this gives me problems will bite the bullet and contact the physio.

  • Hope you get on ok, self diagnosis is sometimes just as good :-)

    I think the piriformis is the most annoying and back spasms :-(

  • Good to read you're back out there Phil, it must have been really frustrating for you given the hard won progress you've made.

    I agree it's important to write about set backs too, it's part of running for so many of us, and sometimes we have to go several steps back. Reading how others cope and work their way back is very helpful. I have everything crossed for your marathon, but pleased to read you're being sensible and not pushing yourself. Take care!

  • Thanks, the more people crossing everything the better :-)

  • Welcome back; that's a tough sequence of injuries. Hopefully you've turned the corner now though. Hope it goes well in training but, as you say, if not this marathon there'll be another one!

  • Thanks, I'm still getting out there which I've worked out is the most important thing to me.

  • well nice to know your back and aiming high.

    Its horrible when injury slows this you down.

  • Totally agree you can almost feel the fitness you built ebbing away, winter isn't helping either :-)

  • Wow - I wondered where you were. Bad luck - but hopefully on the mend and right track. Thank you for an honest post and a reminder to all of us to look after our bodies. Really best of luck with it all.

  • Thanks, just having a bit of down time from the blogs, good to see how everyone is getting along.

  • dont know if it is possible for you but i have run the whole program and now 3 x 5km a week on grass, i just do laps of our local sports field, that might be easier on your body and help the healing.

  • Thank you, I completely agree with you regarding the surface, I try to run on the grass, sand whenever I can. The exercises I've been given seem to be working also, fingers crossed.

  • Good to hear you again online Phil. Sorry you have had troubles over the last while but encouraging that you are still running. Good luck getting fully back on track especially if you are planning to do a full marathon in April. Best wishes. James

  • Thanks James, will start the training and see how I go, although the exercises the Physio gave me are helping.

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