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What's the longest break anyone has had to take due to injury?

I got to the end of week four then hurt my ankle - the physio tells me it's a problem with my tendon that has to get better with rest. So FIVE WEEKS later i'm still resting and it is getting better. I'm trying to put my energy into the exercises i've been given. Should be ready to run again in a few weeks.

When I start again I think I'll have to go back to the beginning and take it slowly. I'm hoping someone else out there has had to take a break this long and still got to the end!

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I took three weeks off after an ankle injury (inside of right ankle). There is absolutely no reason why you can't restart and get on with it. Just make sure your shoes are properly fitted (gait analysis) and good luck!!



Different reason, but I had to take 4 weeks out after starting week 5. I wasn't injured - just a chest infection - so just had to worry about how my lungs would cope when I went back..... I went back to the beginning of week 5 and was fine - didn't seem to have lost any fitness! And have since graduated and am now working towards a 10k at the end of May.


It's a real pain when something like that happens, no pun intended. ;)

Two years back I broke my back and was off work for 10 months, bit stuffed for doing much, so very short walks, exercise bike and swimming, perhaps you might be able to do something like this until you can get back on the programme?

Hope it eases up very soon.


a month off of running with a poorly knee but after finishing c25k. took me a while to get over the 20min marker again but think that was mainly in my head as once Id managed more than this it was back to normal.

just take it easy & make sure you are completeley back to normal before getting back to it.

good luck. x


I had a 20 year break before starting C25k - does that count? The last time I remember running was a charity half-marathon, Jimmy Savile overtook me about a mile in - and he seemed old even then! Anyway it took me a bit longer that nine weeks to run 5k but I am doing it now.


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