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Week 6 run 3 and I've hit the wall of doubt for the first time


I've struggled with all of week 6, although I have completed all the runs. Today was a staggering 25 minutes but I did it without stopping. I should be elated and so proud of myself, but I feel nothing.

The trouble is, having so enjoyed weeks 1-5 I haven't enjoyed this week, and today run was a struggle from the start and gave me no pleasure at all.

If someone could tell me I will get the pleasure back I'd be very grateful.

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Yes I'm sure you will . I can't say every single run I've had has been a pleasure , I've had some bad ones , everybody does . Keep up the good work , your doing great .

Thanks Rockette - I think I just have to accept I feel how I feel and just not think about it very much. My husbands just come in and he's delighted and very proud, lol.

It's quite ridiculous I don't feel the same as it is a stunning achievement.


Might be the first, but it won't be the last, relax - it adds to the pleasure of a good run ;-)

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That's what I'm hoping Crox - it means the buzz of a good run will be all the more fantastic. I guess I am just lucky to have loved all the previous weeks.


Hey doodle, first and foremost congratulations! Everybody is different, so you will feel how you feel but it's an awesome achievement. If you look at my posts, you'll see that I didn't finish my week6 run 3 and was so down and then I did it again and felt completely the opposite. Looking back at where you were in week 1, would you have ever thought you'd be a runner in 6weeks?

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Thanks P1glet1, I have just gone and read your post. Really encouraging to read you have now had a much better experience.

No, in week one, running for a minute seemed like forever, lol. I did nearly cry when Laura said at the end of the podcast I was now 'a runner'. Think I would have done if our young lodger hadn't walked round the corner at that moment, lol.

I think there is a value in posting I found it so difficult, because it builds a good record of difficult runs being just that - a difficult run but my story isn't over yet :)

It's beginning to sink in a bit more now.

Just entered my route on to map my run and rather chuffed to see I ran 3.68km :)


Really happy for you :) I did my w7r1 tonight and my running buddy took me a much more challenging route than the other day, was slower but we did the full 5km in 42mins :)


Hey, maybe week 6 is the new week 5! I felt great after running 20 mins non-stop last week but I've found week 6 less than enjoyable. I know some of it's psychological for me-I don't get the science between week 5 and 6. The other part has been physical-I felt a bit lead footed during runs 1 and 2 and the early morning weather has been dismal (why didn't I start this course in June...). All I would say is look for the victories-mine was getting solidly under 7min/km in run 2. Even if you don't think you've improved, you have-if only by building muscle and endurance. I read a post the other day that said there's no such thing as a bad run-too right. Onward and upward.

Yeah, just like 50 is the new forty...:) I definitely felt much more leaden from the start yesterday - I think I had too much to do before I went : I so wanted to get out yesterday to keep up the schedule.

I think today I am forgetting how much I didn't enjoy it and focussing more on how much I am enjoying the sense of being fitter. I'm not able to time myself as precisely as you suggest... perhaps I will order my garmin sooner rather than later.


I find that some days are easier than others, must depend on how tired you are generally? I prefer running outside in winter as it is dark and i feel less self concious and also don't get too hot!

I read somewhere the other day, sorry can't remember where,, that it is good for your well being to give your body a cold shock regularly.. they recommended wearing cold wet socks,, mmm can't say that one appeals but maybe the equivalent is running through cold wet flooded paths in trainers,,, the socks end up warm ,, in the end!

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I'm really glad I started this in the autumn as I prefer the cool weather (but I don't run in the dark). I hate getting over hot.

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OMG my sister swears by that cold wet sock treatment for colds. Tried to foist it on me but I'd rather be sick than wear cold wet socks so there.

W7R1 was a joy after struggling with the W6R3 voices in my head telling me stop jogging. You know you can do 25min, you've got 3 more goes at it to get to enjoy it!

I think that was meant to be good news? Lol ;0)


Hi, if you look through the posts on here you will find that week 6 is often the one that causes problems, so you are not alone! You have done well so far, and are so near the end. Pat yourself on the back and look forward to week 7!


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Thanks Chris, yes, being able to look back through many posts is very very helpful. I feel more able to indulge in back patting today.

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