I was searching the internet for weight loss/fitness ideas as my weight has spiralled out of control since I have changed jobs! I get up go to work sit at a desk for 9/10 hrs, go home sit down eat tea, watch TV and go to bed!! So there is no wonder that without a controlled diet and no exercise I have piled on the pound. I look at all the usual diet groups and then stumbled across the NHS website, so I have downloaded the 12 wk plan and the Couch to 5K podcasts!

So I just need to choose my start day and get going! Any advice would be gratefully received!!

Wish me good luck!


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  • The best thing I did was read some of the forum. Loads of really useful info. I would also get your 'gait' analysed at a running shop, so you get the correct shoes. Tomorrow I do Week 5 Run 3 - so am about half way though. I also go to slimming world and only have half a stoneish to go.

    Good luck

  • I wonder about the gait analysis and whether it makes any real difference. In my case it caused problems. I had my gait analysed at a specialist running shop and the shoes I were recommended gave me callouses on the inside of my heels just by walking in them. They were heavy and bulky and a size bigger than my normal shoes. Subsequently I bought some comfortable, not overly expensive lightweight Nike running shoes using my own judgement and they have been perfect so far and I have completed week 5 without any problems. Has anyone else had problems with buying "proper shoes"?

  • Did they let you go outside in your final 3 pairs for a brisk 100m jog? The place I went encourages this because treadmill is not like road and although they can advise you, the ultimate choice is individual. When I did this I had 2x transitional and 1x full barefoot. One of the transitionals just wobbled on road surfaces and the barefoot was too much jaring too soon.

  • Hi Bev1. I tried about 5 pairs on until I found ones that felt comfortable. I think once they have sorted out which gait you have then the rest is up to how they feel on. My running buddy didn't get hers tested and 3 weeks into the programme could hardly walk upstairs as her knees were hurting. Gait tested and insoles (they didn't try and make her buy new shoes) and her knees have been fine. I am lucky I have a neutral gait so I could have bought most off the peg running shoes.

  • Hi Kiwihelen

    No - I just walked around the shop. I wasn't convinced about them but as a newbie I took the sales assistant's advice. I will continue to use the ones I have. Hopefully as I do longer distances they will still be suitable.

  • Hello! This is a fantastic forum for all levels. Welcome. I'm on week 6. If you look to the right of the screen you'll see posts specific to where you're up to on the plan which is always good for finding people at the same stage as you. The best advice I'm given (complete newbie also to jogging (I can't call what I do running)) is take is slowly and steadily and just keep going and trust in the plan. Don't put if off too long......... and Good luck! :)

  • Hi take it from this 74 year old this is a wonderful programme, take it slow, do what Laura said and you will be fine . I didn't have much weight to lose but with the help of Myfitnesspal I lost a stone. But it's the way your body shape changes you will notice first. Go for it Pat

  • Hi Jud, you will find that the programme is great and the forum is a great resource for encouragement and support. I am overweight (VERY when I started) but I took the decision to focus on doing the podcasts without any specific diet plan. You can do both and I think there's actually a post on the forum about an NHS programme but so far I have not found it necessary myself. I am about to start week 7, lost a couple of clothes sizes and loving it =D

  • Hi Jud

    I agree with Allispie. Get your gait analysed and buy a decent pair of shoes to suit your running style. It will help you avoid knee and ankle injuries and will make you feel like a 'serious' runner . Not only that, the financial investment you make will encourage you to persevere to get your moneysworth. Make that decision in your head and stick with it. It's a bit like giving up smoking. The mental commitment is everything. But very very soon, the feel-good reward every time you run will be all the motivation you need!

  • Hi Jud. Welcome to the best programme on earth! We don't know how it works but it does! Never doubt that (and you will). Just follow Laura to the letter and you'll be fine. You'll have great days and terrible days but this forum will get you through. Always come here and let us know how you've got on. You'll always have the encouragement you need! Good luck! :-)

  • Its definitely a great programme if you have a busy life and don't have the time/motivation to spend ages in the gym. You can be out exercising within 10 mins of getting up/home from work and then on with the rest of your day 30/35 mins later feeling smug and jolly :)

  • You are definitely in the right place for support and encouragement!!

    Please read through the forums here, and take what advice you need. Ask any questions you want, and I can guarantee that however silly you may think it is, you will get a sensible answer. We all started at the beginning.

    Enjoy your running and remember, the rest days ARE just as important ~ especially at the beginning.

  • I just want to underline the importance of rest days. Being not completely unfit when I started (I could swim a kilometer) I ignored them because my lungs and my muscles felt OK. Unknown to me I was busy damaging my knee joints. This led to a 4 week layoff, and then a restart observing the rest days. Any knee niggles now mean I take an extra rest day. I've now got to the end of week 7 with no knee trouble.

    Anyway - most of all, enjoy the programme

  • Hi and welcome! I'd agree with everything above, especially about the rest days, even if you think a run wasn't too hard. The rest days are when your muscles build themselves up after the exercise.

    I would also say that its really important to remember that the benefits of running are great and weight loss is just one of them. I started because I wanted to shift some weight and never thought the mental benefits would end up overshadowing the physical ones. Also, don't expect super-quick weight loss, there is lots of discussion about it on this forum so worth reading others experience. But running builds muscle and increases metabolism which in turn burns fat, but this is a gradual process. But in the meantime enjoy the feel-good factor, enjoy seeing yourself improve and keep posting here. it really is a great programme.

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