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Newbie - Ist day done!

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Downloaded the app this morning as really need to lose weight - been on Weight watchers and have lost 4 stone but lost motivation so thought excercise (which I normally avoid like the plague!) would help - still have 5 stones to go....

Dragged my youngest dd out with me as there is no way I was going out on my own....first "run" (or in my case, jog!) honestly nearly killed me! By the last one I felt a lot better. So questions...I just used my walking shoes as I have problems with arthritis in my big toe joint and they are nice and solid - does anyone recomend a good running shoe with loads of padding? Also - can we talk boob control? Im a big lass and have to clutch the girls all the time does not look good! How do other larger ladies keep the girls under control? Cheers Linda

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Welcome, and well done for getting started.

You've highlighted the two most essential bits of equipment - good shoes and a good sports bra. For running shoes, best thing is to go to a proper running shop to get fitted with the right shoes for your feet and running style - called gait analysis. Don't have to buy the shoes from them as they might be expensive, but you will know the type you want and could get them online.

You also need a good supportive sports bra or you will find you get back ache lots of people recommend the shock absorber brand.

With those two you are ready to go! Take it slow and steady, do what Laura tells you, take your rest days and remember to stretch after your runs.

Good luck!

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Wow 4 stone is incredible. Well done you. The c25k app is great and you've made the hardest move. I would echo what ullyrunner has said in both cases. I've had my gait analysed and did end up buying some shoes from the shop I went to as the lady was just so helpful,knowledgeable and nice. I would have felt awful going somewhere else. I did get a very good price. I had some bad shin pain and my shoes have really helped that.

I don't have the big boob problem but my running buddy does and she has a Shock Absorber. All great with that. She was way out on her normal bra size and went to Bravissimo for a proper fitting as they just have to be right

Go you. Hope you enjoy the next run. Each one gets easier to do...promise. I'm only on week 6 and have never run before. Ex smoker age 46 :)

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you have already made some great changes to your life D doing C25K is a real life changer for almost everyone who does it :d so wlecome and welld one for starting out :D

Cant help with boob control though lol not in realm of experience .

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Yay! Another WW! I have lost 4 stones too and I have an arthritic big toe. I take a daily omega 3 fish oil capsule to keep the pain at bay. I got some nike pegasus road running shoes which have a wide toe box. The asics cumulus and nimbus are well cushioned road running shoes but they were too narrow across the toes for me

Yep, Shock Absorber will be the one for you. Keep running and the weight will really start to move! Your boobs and bum will reduce quickest. Please keep it up because it should fire up,your motivation to eat properly and get you back on the plan don't eat extra though or,you'll gain. On c25k you don't burn enough cals to warrant extra grub, sadly

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Congratulations on starting, be warned you will soon be addicted. Good shoes are a must, unfortunately my vitals don't require that much support so I can't help you there.

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I have boob control experience! It is getting less of an issue now I have lost more weight, but for a while I just wore two tight 'soft cup' bras together as there was no chance of getting a 'sports bra' in my size! I would definitely avoid the under-wired ones if at all possible though: not only do they dig in round the rib cage area, but one day I noticed my cleavage was really sore, and when I got home realised one of the wires had worked its way out and made me bleed where it poked in. i have got a sports bra now but don't really think it is any better than the '2 bra technique' :-)

After my first trip out I honestly thought I was going to have a heart attack (July). From about 6 weeks into the programme though it suddenly seemed that I might possibly just be able to complete all the runs and now I run (stagger!) 5k three times a week and have done 3 park runs. I am still very slow indeed, but fitter and happier and 2 1/2 stone lighter (another stone to go).

Well done for starting and good luck! :-)

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Well done on making the first move . Getting out the door can be the hardest part and doing it.with someone else can give you that extra motivation.

Keep going you will be hooked like the rest of us soon.

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Well, I think you have lots of wonderful advice already so I have nothing more to add other than to say welcome and well done on starting. That's probably the hardest step you've taken :)

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Wow - amazing on the weight loss so far Linda and for starting C25k. It does get better....I'm not too sure about shoes, however, I bought a ShockAbsorber bra and it is fantastic, they ain't going nowhere!! ;) It's so comfortable and great support (which is what the larger up top ladies need!). They have bras which go up to a H cup. They aren't cheap but it really, really is worth it. Good luck with the C25K journey, this forum is great for support and advice, so do keep us updated with your progress :)

Hi Linda!

I've been down then same road - big weight loss on Weightwatchers followed by c25k and the combination of the two has proved to be life changing. Take it easy with the running - much like the weight loss programme a little at a time is a good thing, there's no rush.

Can't really offer much on the anatomical question, but you can see from the other answers that everyone here that you've picked the right place to come for help and answers. Good luck!

Ha ha ha, didn't read this before I posted on your second comment. Can't give any advice as I'm green too but I will look at your answers to glean more info for myself. Wow! You've lost even more weight than me, well done, isn't it great? Good luck!

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