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Failed at Week 6 R2 😭😭😭

So today was my 5K race, I intended to treat it as WK 6 run 2 but I just couldn't do it!

I was running the race with my friend who is only on week 2 & I just couldn't concentrate at all! I usually go on my own & that works for me but I hated running with all those other people there it really put me off.

Didn't help that there were also obstacles all the way around the course which also broke my concentration :(

I feel very disheartened now I probably only ran for 5 minutes in every 10 :'(

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you didn't fail, failure is staying on the sofa. Nobody said its easy, just go out there and do it again.


I didn't really enjoy my Race for Life last weekend for similar reason - realised I like running alone. I wasn't buoyed for the crowds - I found I had to try to block them out!!

You were massively brave to take it on in Week 6 I think. I was 5 weeks after graduation last week and it was my first ever 5K (except it turned out to be 4.93K!!). Don't be downhearted! Put it behind you, do W6 R2 again happily on your own and carry on, head held high! 😊


No run is a failure!!! Every run is better than no run, they all make you mentally stronger and give you experience. Its not easy running with obstacles in the way so you did very well and didn't give up, which is the main thing. just have another go at w6r2 and put this one down as a bonus run.


Thanks guys I definitely need to run alone I think and maybe was too soon to go for 5K 😕


what do you mean you "only...". You ran 5 minutes out of every 10, which is 5 minutes more than everyone else who was watching. Sometimes for no apparent reasons we have a 'bad' run. You just say hey ho and carry on.

You did your first 5k and the next one you'll run longer. Go you.


Don't beat yourself up about this. The fact is you were out there moving and improving. You can re-do the run under "normal conditions" and see how you do. Don't be deterred. You have made a lot of progress and will continue to. My experience is that C25K works brilliantly but it is quite likely there will be off days and disappointments along the way.


I think you were very brave to do a 5K race before you've even graduated. I did my first Race for Life this morning - a year almost to the day after my graduation run.

Finish the programme, work on getting confident and try again next year - I bet you'll feel completely different then.


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