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Week 8 Run 1

I ran the app on my drive home from work to make sure that I wasn't missing any important advice and then decided to run again just using the timer on my iPod (FYI, the app seems to run okay as long as you don't lock the screen...but since that is just asking for you to hit the pause button accidentally it seems pretty silly).

I started off finding it difficult to get into a comfortable pace but about 10 minutes in I relaxed into it and the rest of the run went really well. I even must have picked up on the pace a little, because I reached the same point as my 25 minute runs about 2 minutes faster.

I did struggle a little in the last little bit but mostly because I kind of ran out of running stretch and had to go back on myself which made me really concious of how much time I had left! It was either that or spend the end of a 28 minute run going up a steep hill, which isn't the best of times to take on that challenge! But, overall, I felt much better about this run than I did with my W7 runs 2 and 3. I think that I may have been holding back a little too much during those runs and that my legs needed me to be moving that little bit quicker to be comfortable.

I'm thinking about also starting the Strength and Flex podcasts, to help improve myself even more. Now that I've gotten this far with my running it seems silly to not work on other things!

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I'm finding your feedback on week 6/7/8 runs really helpful as I am just a few weeks behind you. My first difficult run today (6/1) but I kept going because I know others before me, such as yourself get through it and find it gets better.


I'm glad my posts help! I did the same thing and read posts from those ahead of me for reassurance. It's quite intimidating to take on something like this on your own so knowing that other people have been through the same struggle and succeeded has been a huge boost to me.

I'm glad you're pushing through the difficult times and I hope your next run goes well!


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