Calling all 5x50 Challengers and would-be Challengers ! Join the mighty NHS C25K Team !

Anyone who wants to join in the 2014 5x50 Challenge should now be able to log-in and/or register on the following link:

I have created a new team for 2014, imaginatively named NHS Couch to 5K (C25K) 2014. The idea is that the new team will consist entirely of active challengers - rather than still show challengers from last year who, for whatever reason, aren't taking part on 2014.

If you are registering for the first time, you should be asked to select your team from a drop down list. There are now three NHS C25K teams on the list so make sure you select the one with "2014" in the name. Don't panic if you have already selected one of the others - you can still change it. If you have selected the "old" team already, or are already registered, you should be able to select the Edit tab on your profile and change your team from a drop down list.

Let me know if you have any problems and I'll try to help.

I'm trying to promote the 5x50 as much as possible, having volunteered as a Fiver so please recommend to any friends outside the C25K program - they might want to create their own team and join in !

With a view to promoting the 5x50 Challenge, I'm trying to build up a bit more of a presence on Twitter (it's a bit new to me!) so feel free to follow me there @haze5x50


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  • Sorry for being completely thick but what is 5x50

  • It's a 50 day challenge starting on 30 March - the basic premise is that you aim to cover 5km a day but the reality is you can replace that with any 30 minutes of exercise. That means that you don't have to run/cycle/swim/walk every day - you can mix it up with 30mins yoga/stretching/dance class/exercise class or whatever. You have to make a contribution to Sports Relief when you sign up (Β£5 plus) then you can log your activity every day. If you want to, you can even use the challenge to raise money for other charities. Last year, there were more than 70 team members from the HU community - it was great motivation and lots of mutual support. You've got plenty of time to sign up for it - have a think about it :-)

  • Sounds good, I'll sign up

  • Yay ! Well done :-)

  • Count on me this year too!

  • Oh good :-)

  • Yay Delia! I'm in too. Just re-graduated and running 5K again. Maybe I'll get it down to 30 minutes during 5x50. ;-)

  • Hooray! It wouldn't be the same without you Delia xx

  • Looking forward to this.

  • Me too :-)

  • Just joined up :)

  • Yay !

  • As it starts on my birthday and finishes just after I do the London moonwalk I think it's perfect timing and a definite yes from me.

  • I'm in :)

  • I will be taking part again - have emailed for a new password as got nightshift blank mind - all passwords forgotten!

  • Oh, I think I signed up to the old team 'NHS Couch to 5K (C25K)'. Can't see how to change to 2014 team though? EDIT: Found it now, team changed to 2014!

  • I signed up for the old team too! Will go and change it now. Wonder if Malcy will do the website for us again?

  • Mmm tempting. I hope to graduate c25k week ending 30 then start a marathon training programme after that. mad and ambitious I know but a friend enetered me for my 59th birthday present ( I usually buy her nice bubblebath or shampoo!). Was reading the walk/run thread as no way will I run 26, and not forgetting the 0.2 miles.

  • That marathon looks fantastic - I found the 5x50 gave me quite a boost before HM training last year. Enjoy !

  • I'm in

  • Tried to join but after completing registration it asked me to complete word verification thingy, except there was none displayed... :-( Have emailed them but no reply, if anyone has any advice to sort this then I'd be grateful.

    Edit - sorted, hopefully I'll be less of a klutz for the challenge ;-)

  • I'm in! Needed something to keep me motivated after Jantastic ends and this is perfect timing.

  • I am in. Joined today. Need to up my training for the triathlon in august.

  • I will be away for about a week at the start of May and am unlikely to have Internet access during that time. Can activity be logged retrospectively or does this exclude me from participating?

  • Yes, all the previous dates from the start of the challenge will be there from a drop down list. See this video:

  • Thank you! Sheesh that video moves fast.

    I'll give it a go!

  • I'm in.....

  • I'd love to give this a go, but not clear on the rules. Does each days 5k have to be all in one go? I walk the school run each day, totalling about 3.5k. Can I add another walk to get to 5k each day? Obviously I'll also have my 3 runs a week, so on those days I'll do over the distance.

    Thanks J

  • You can split the 5km or 30 mins of activity into smaller periods throughout the day, eg walk part way to and from work and a wee stroll at lunchtime. See

  • Thanks! I'd read and re-read the FAQs, but issued that!!

    Will sign up now

  • Excellent article about C25ks very own Hazel here:


  • Just signed up!

  • Im in too

  • Im in, love a challenge

  • Just signed up...Hope I figured it out correctly.

  • I'm in. I loved the challenge of Jantastic so a new one will be fab.

  • Woohoo ! 84 members !

  • Anyone having trouble entering their activity for today? Every time I click on the team it sends me straight to the team page and my activity is not entered :-(

  • I've joined too!

  • Not sure if it's just me but the 5x50 sites seems more confusing this year, I'm sure things were much more straight forward last year.

    We also had Malcy's gleaning webpage with all the team data :( No Malcy this year.

  • Hi.

    Can I still join in now or am I too late?

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