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5x50 Challenge - It's not too late to join the C25K Team!

5x50 Challenge - It's not too late to join the C25K Team!

There are now over 3000 challengers registered for this year and at present 53 belong to the NHS Couch to 5K Team!! That makes us the third biggest team!! How fantastic is that?! :)

Well, their final mission is for us to each encourage just one more to sign up by midnight tonight before this years challenge starts tomorrow. So another shameless post by me ;) to see if there are any out there who have maybe been thinking about joining but havent yet taken the plunge and just need that final push to do so. Check out their short video below and also my first blog with all the details about the challenge and how to join our team.

You know you want to!! :D

UPDATE: registration is staying open until 1st April.

Happy Easter everyone and enjoy running off all those chocolate eggs and bunnies!!

Sue x

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How many before we get to the number 2 slot? :-)

Just got my new MTB.... they didn't have any serious colours for women and no way am I having a man's crossbar (always fall off getting off). So I'm now the proud owner of a Lombardo that's all pink and white and flowery! Can't wait for tomorrow to take it out for its first spin.

Happy Easter.


The 'Broch Scotties' have 59.....could we, just maybe, possibly, hopefully recruit another 7 to beat them??!! :O

Ooooh! How exciting! I just checked it online and it looks great! I would so love to get myself a bike but tbh dont know where I could ride it around my way and it has been years since I rode in London so a bit daunting :(

My first ever bike, bought by a boyfriend when in my teens to teach me how to cycle, was a mans racing bike complete with crossbar, toe clips, drop handlebars, the lot! :D I found it ok though and got hooked and ended up getting a tandem with him - great fun!! ;)

Enjoy your spin tomorrow!


Not all bikes with crossbars are men's bikes. My women's fit has a crossbar and I wouldn't want one without one. :-)


Me, I grew up on a bike... Got rid of my last one only last summer (too many hills here for what was a 20-year-old rusty 5-gear flat racing bike). ;-)

I remember our school hols back in the 70s... Mum used to chuck us kids out in the mornings with a packed lunch and tell us she'd expect us back for tea-time. We'd go miles... once made it into Somerset, starting from Berkshire. No way would a mum would consider that now. Happy times...


Count me in Sue - I've just registered with the team. :)



Fantastic Susan! Welcome to the team and good to hear from you! Hope all is well :)



Welcome to the challenge Susan! :-) Gayle


This is so exciting! Good luck everyone on day one.


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