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5x50 - Team C25K breaks 5,000km


Well, we should all take off our hats to our intrepid team of road warriors who signed up for the 5x50 Challenge. With less than a fortnight gone, they have breached the 5000km mark. That's over 3,000 miles - and if my calculator is correct, an average of 240 miles each day!

Isn't that amazing? And no wonder some of us are starting to get a bit tired. We all need a bit of encouragement, so please cheer us on from the sidelines. Next year it could be you!

Now let's see. 37 days left, at an average of 7km per member per day. That's only 259km or 160 miles left to go. Nae Bother!

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:-) ;-) Yippeeeee!!! ;-) :-) We rock Team!"!! :-) :-) I want to jump up and shout from the rooftop how awesome we are, other then I'd drop my icepack. ;-) Cheers guys!! :-) Gayle


That is fantastic news Malcy. Well done everyone!!! My poor feet can jump for joy!

Yes please!! The more cheer leaders the better. :) :)


Really enjoying it so far :-) Mon the team!

TJFlute in reply to PastyMan

I love your pie chart and graph pastyman; it's so...orange :D You're doing really well to run every day. Are your timings pretty similar, or are you having good days/ bad days?

PastyManGraduate in reply to TJFlute

Thanks TJ, I'm really enjoying it so far.

I have only had one bad run so far, the rest have been really enjoyable and way ahead of my expectation.

I'd had my eye on doing the 5x50 challenge after following the progress of the folks that had done the last one. At Christmas/New Year I had a couple of weeks off so tried doing consecutive runs then. It was OK for the holidays but difficult to do every night in the dark after work.

What I had noticed though was that my weight had stayed really stable for the 9 months since graduating so my new years resolution was to drop a few pounds. I'm a real sucker for the gadgets so a combination of the FitBit pedometer to measure activity and MyFitnessPal app on the phone to monitor calories was right up my street. I found it was pretty straightforward to excercise just a little more and eat just a little less and achieve 1-2 lbs a week weight loss. I reached my target at the start of March.

I'd been completing 5k inside 30 mins but it was an effort each time. I ended up losing about 10% body weight and suddenly took about 10% off my time! So I was running about 3 mins quicker for what felt like the same effort. I'm really, really pleased with that!

I signed up for the 5x50 challenge as soon as it was announced. It was just the right time for me. It's nearly 3 years since I completed my treatment for Leukaemia and walking (and now running) have been a huge part of my recovery after that. I knew my final (touch wood) bone marrow test was due during the 5x50 challenge and I felt it was the right time for me to give something back. So I signed up and set up a JustGiving page to raise money for Leukaemia Research. I wanted to set the bar quite high for myself so I said I would try to run every day. The fund raising has gone really well and I have over £1300 so far but I didn't want to "hijack" the C25K team so I was quite a late comer to actually signing up for the team. In fact I've found it really helpful and supportive being part of a team effort and enjoyed everyone's contributions.

My final bone marrow test is scheduled for Monday morning so I'll have to be up early to do my daily run before that!

Mon the C25K team :-)

(apologies if this comes up twice! I thought I'd written a reply before todays run)

MalcyGraduate in reply to PastyMan

What a great story! Well done on all sorts of levels. Glad your treatment worked out - just shows how a positive attitude can really help overcome the worst of circumstances! Best of luck for an all-clear on Monday.

PastyManGraduate in reply to Malcy

Thanks Malcy/Swanscot

btw Malcy take a look at the graph and table on the mmcinteractive.com/5x50/sum... page. It's not in date sequence for me. Cheers

MalcyGraduate in reply to PastyMan

Hi. Thanks for pointing that out. I did a minor update yesterday and, as often happens, a fix for one thing creates a problem elsewhere. Have done another update and the charts should now be showing in the correct date order.

PastyManGraduate in reply to Malcy

Sorted Cheers :-)

swanscotGraduate in reply to PastyMan

Thanks for sharing your story, PastyMan. It's inspiring on several levels. :-)

All the best with your running and continuing good health.

Wow! That's so brilliant and well done to everyone! :)

Yay 8-)


We are the best!!! Just love our awesome team of warriors!!! Keep going guys! :)


You lot are just fabulous!!!. We think of you all every day. I know I couldn't do it just yet. Hats off to you. So proud of such an amazing team. Keep going!


Well done everyone. You lot rock :D <waving pom poms>


Hooray. Well done everyone :)


'Mon the team.

Must try and up my distance this week, feel like I am falling behind, guess if I don't cycle I won't manage the big distances though.


Fantastic, now have the team recorded the most amount of miles so far compared to other teams?

Are you the biggest team taking part?

It just such an achievment.

MalcyGraduate in reply to Burstcouch

Not the team with the most registered members - we're second. But we have the most ACTIVE members - many other teams have members 'carried over' from last year and who aren't actually doing anything this time round. So in reality, we ARE the biggest (and, as you've spotted, the most active) team.

Isn't that great?


Wowee, well done guys!!! SO inspirational, glad that you are all putting so much effort into it and I am proud to say that I am supporting the best team in the challenge! Woop woop! :D

~ Olivia


We are such a good team....so proud of us all ;) And a very big thank you to our virtual cheerleaders, the support and encourage really helps :-D

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