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I did it!!!

Week 5, day 3. Hurrah.

It was hard - I really struggled with the last five minutes but I refused to give up. I didn't turn half way as I wanted to see how far along the canal my five minute warm up walk and my 20 minute shuffle would take me - and it took me 2.75km to a part of the canal I had never been to before. It was beautiful. I'm a long way off a 30 minute 5k though!

My goal had always been to jog to the first wharf and I left that far behind me. Just passing the wharf was enough to spur me on to finish.

So I walked all the way back, meaning I did 5k in total.

My back hurts, though that was hurting before I set off. By the time I had walked back to the car I could hardly bend, but a 5 minute drive home with the heated seat on has helped. The outside of my thighs feel slightly hot but not uncomfortably so.

I'm sure the painting of the laundry room (my job for today) will stretch all those muscles out.

Weekend off now - I tend to run Monday, Wednesday and Friday as it fits in with my life easier - we usually dog walk as a family over the weekend so I get a good 10k in before my next run.

Week 6 - here I come!

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Hurrah! Well done for keeping right on running for 20 minutes - that's what matters, the speed is not important. Keep smiling and enjoy the weekend!


Well done! I did mine today too, feels great doesn't it!


Well done for carrying on. You can always have a breather to gather yourself before heading on again. Needs must sometimes, and if it means that you will finish, then it's better than packing up and not completing the session. Good to use markers to help you round, eg a lovely tree or bench, whatever it takes to help you get round the course. We have a lake and a fishing pond, a bridge etc etc. It all helps chew up the miles and keep you focussed.

It sounds like you're enjoying yourself, apart from the back ache. Hopefully it will be ok by the time your dog walk time arrives. I think walking is a great way of keeping fit, and I think I walk as much as I run. Free too which helps! LOL

Week 6 is a tricky one but you are well prepared, having completed all the sessions, so you're ready. Take care and go slowly and you'll nail it.

Good luck


Well done you! That's fabulous and sounds like you have the running bug! Have a great weekend, how lovely to have your family time x :-)


Well done Deb did you like Laura's message at the end? Now just remember week 6 is where most people struggle now. So if it is you do don't get dishearted just plough on through it. I enjoyed week six. It really starts to push you now. Once again congrats and keep posting. Ps weekends are my time for mountain biking from this point of the year onwards and running in the week :) J


You certainly did. You said it was hard but you did it so hats off to you. It's really is a great achievement and you should feel very proud.


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