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First run in the rain!

Strange as it might seem, I started running at the beginning of May but today was the first day I've been out in the rain! It think I got drizzled on once or twice when I was in the UK in the summer, but this was "proper rain". Having said that, I had to choose my moment to go out - managed to avoid the thunder storm (didn't think that would be a very good idea) and got back about 10 minutes before the rain turned into a torrential downpour.

Lessons learnt:

1. I think I need a cap.

2. The roads here get very slippery so I was slower than normal because I was being cautious, especially on the steep downhill bits.

3. This was the first time I've worn anything more than a t-shirt on my top half, and even though my waterproof running jacket is VERY light, I still needed to take it off half way round and tie it round my waist. Perhaps I should have taken the sleeves off and worn it as a gilet?

4. The locals have probably had their view of me as a weird foreigner well and truly reinforced.

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Remarkably I have not yet started a run in anything but the lightest rain, and that is since starting in June in the UK. I've wimped out about twice, (or do I mean rearranged my running schedule owing to meteorological circumstances) and have yet to get a good soaking. Long may it last.

As for running waterproofs, I don't think they would work for me, I would get just as wet from the inside, I know.

Enjoy your running.


Well done for running in the rain. We get more than our fair-share down here on Dartmoor, and I love running in the rain. It adds a whole new dynamic to the experience.

Take care (particularly on road markings and manhole covers) as many running shoes are quite bad with wet grip.

As for clothing; we are waterproof, and we dry. If it is cold/windy, wear a lightweight windstopper, but be prepared to get hot (as you found out). Take a small bag to pop it into. I find this much easier than tieing it round my waist.

Finally, don't forget to drink. Even in cold and wet conditions you need to keep your hydration levels up.

Enjoy running, and take care.


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