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Running Bug anyone?

Has anyone joined the 'Running Bug' community? I signed up today but navigating around the site looks like it might take longer than a lunchtime! I thought it might offer some additional motivation for apres C25K but I miss you guys!

I've done one 'post graduate' 30 minute run. It was on the treadmill as i was pushed for time and I don't consider that counts really. I MUST keep the motivation up...

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I haven't joined 'Running Bug', but I did download the C25K+ podcasts last night - and scared myself a bit, they seemed pretty fast. I was going to try Stepping Stones this morning until I realised how windy it was. Maybe tomorrow...


It really is hard to keep the motivation up, I know. I graduated several weeks ago but still do not feel that the running has yet become a habit. I do now enjoy running though, that took ages to kick in, but we really must push ourselves to get out regularly until it becomes a habit.

Have you tried Stamina or Speed pod casts yet? I like the intervals of Speed at the moment. We MUST keep at it! I wish you well!

p.s. Of course 30 minutes on the treadmill counts - and keep on coming here and posting!


I've been a member there for about a year now (Swanscot there too). I mainly read the articles and forums and occasionally post there. I can't say I 'know' anyone there though, except for the one interesting 82 year old guy who also has a personal blog and we follow each others blogs.

Way back at the start I added my 'Bug Miles' but only did that a few times then found I couldn't be bothered. I sort of feel guilty that I don't add my miles as I guess the site owners maybe use the totals to convince advertisers of the site usage, and therefore get funding to ,keep the site free to us. If the site could be set up to automagically show my runs from my Garmin Connect updates that would suit me.

I don't have any problem at all with motivation as I love running and since graduation I've always been training for one race or other. (And I'm normally such an uncompetitive type!) I like Running Bug since it has many experienced runners who are always willing to provide advice - just as here.


Mix it up. I do 1 x speed interval run, 1x 5k and a final run where I try to run a little further each week.

I also write down details of my runs. Writing it down rather than downloading stats somehow makes it more real (crazy I know) and shows me a plan so I can see improvement. As I am writing I think "I've done every single step here!"

The other thing I do that helps my motivation is role play. At the minute I'm Ripley from Aliens!


Hi, yes, I'm a member of the running bug and find it very motivating. Although when I log my bugmiles I feel very inadequate because everybody else seems to routinely run epic distances. But they do some really interesting articles and polls which are good to look at.


Thanks all. I felt a bit like a fish out of water on there yesterday!


Curious so I've just joined. Will have a better look later.


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