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Catching the running bug are not words I ever in my life expected to come out of my mouth!!! I started as I promised myself last week and am still running!! I have had to repeat Week 1 Day 1 3 times as I was finding the breathing tough (I have mild asthma) but am now on Week 1 Day 2 and finished that this morning. I am out and starting the walk at 7am when it is quiet so I take my dog and we run and walk together. The only problem is if another dog comes along and Toby races away! I have started running in the local park as I found running on the pavements hard, the grass is much easier. I can now say I am starting to get the bug and I have convinced myself that repeating the week or day is not failure and I will get there in my own time. I would like to be able to run 5K within 6 months! And everyone will get the shock of their lives as I have told noone about this!!! Early morning with the sun out and birds singing and in the park is wonderful.

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Hi :) This so sounds like me. I'm on week 2 as well and on a rest day and thinking I really want to do a run today! I hope this feeling continues!

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I know I cant believe it!! I still do 3 15 minute walks on my rest days with the dog and they are getting faster!!


Well done! I'm going to try and persuade ds to go for a walk later. He started week 1 with me but quickly got bored as he could keep running for much longer. I'm hoping to catch up with him so he will go out running with me.


Wow good for you! :) I have asthma too, but i find that taking a dose of salbutamol about 30m before a run prevents any asthma attack. Once in a while i do check if i still need it -- hopefully one day you can do without! Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the advice. I do try and remember a couple of puffs of my steriod inhaler and a couple puffs of the blue inhaler before I go out which helps. When the warmer drier spring/summer comes along it shouldnt be so bad, it is the damp that sets it off and in the early morning it is very dewy.


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