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Week 8 and Laura gets it wrong!

It's quite a windy morning this morning, but I didn't get my run in yesterday as I had to wait in for a BT man to sort out the 'phone line, so I went this morning. This is my first run of week 8 this time around. We got to 5 minutes to the end and Laura told me that if I wasn't tired then maybe I could go a bit faster next time but "at the end of the day, it's about distance, not speed." Well, excuse me for being pedantic, but that's rubbish. If I'm running for 28 minutes and that's fixed, then the distance I cover depends on the speed I run at and nothing else. I think she meant that it's about keeping going for the full duration. Anyway, rehearsing that argument took my mind off the fact that I was pretty tired and it was horribly windy and there were dog walkers and buggy-pushers who seemed mainly oblivious to me and stepped out in front of me from time to time. I even managed to put on a final push for the last minute. Only 5 more runs to go and I can order my T-shirt!

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I love the idea of you rehearsing how you would tick Laura off!!!!! I do that about things as well and it makes the time go!!!


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