W9R3 - done!!

Twelve and a half weeks after starting on the programme I have finally completed my final run!

It's certainly been an interesting time. I've never done anything like it before, so didn't know if I'd enjoy it or make it to the end. I can't say it's been easy, but neither has it been so hard that I felt I wanted to give up (though there have been middle of the night confidence crises!).

I've had to take it slowly and sensibly as I have some spinal compression fractures that I didn't want to aggravate (so two runs per week only in the later weeks). I'm also epileptic, so didn't want to overdo things and upset the applecart there either (tiredness can be a trigger). I have obviously done the right thing as I've remained injury and illness free throughout, thank goodness.

I've not set any speed or distance records so far - the furthest I've run has been just over 3.5K - so I will try now to increase my distance to 5K gradually and without putting unnecessary strain on my body.

Without wanting to sound like someone making an Oscars speech, I really do need to thank every one of you on this forum for, metaphorically, holding my hand every step of the way. I have 'met' some amazing people, all with different backgrounds, motivations, levels of ability, personal challenges, etc but all so supportive of one another. That has been a brilliant, and heartwarming, experience in itself. Good luck to you all with your myriad of different personal quests!

Well you won't be getting rid of me that easily, I shall still pop up here now and again to see how everyone is doing, so keep up the good work everyone! And thanks again for being there!


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  • A massive well done hennith , it's a great feeling . Keep posting & keep up the good work -

  • Thanks Rockette. Keeping on getting out there will be the biggest challenge I think!

  • I think your right , it's not the best time of year for running

  • yay! congrats Hennith! You must be dead chuffed. Have fun with all the future runs - I was initially worried about the lack of structure but am really enjoying the flexibility and not having a specific goal for each run. Keep us updated on where you go from here..

  • Pretty pleased, yeah - it's been a long road! I'm quite looking forward to the freedom I must say!

  • ReyC - where's your badge???

  • yea, i know! i haven't emailed for it yet! oops..its on the list!

  • Did you know it's easier to do now? Just post a message under'Graduation Badges' (pinned post, top right of this page). Our new administrators are extremely efficient!

  • Congratulations You should feel proud of what you have achieved

  • Thank you, you too!

  • Fantastic news Hennith, well done you! A great journey for you. It's an amazing feeling isn't it? I couldn't agree more about the forum. The support from others (including yourself!) has been great. Keep running, keep posting. :-)

  • Thank you Jen! Yes, it feels good (though also a bit anticlimactic perhaps) to get to the end. Will just have to set my sights firmly on that 5K goal now!

  • Yay Hennith - good job! Just keep running, just keep running........ we're all behind you/with you in some shape or form!

  • Thank you! Yes, it's great to know you're all out there. You're all stars!

  • Well done hennith , x I'm not at the 5k mark either yet but we made it. X

  • Thanks! Yep, we've proved we were capable of meeting the first challenge, so I reckon the 5K is within our grasp too!

  • Of course it is , if you want it you will get it !

  • Great news Hennith. Onwards & upwards. It's just amazing isn't it.

  • Thank you! It reminds me of when I passed my driving test. I've done all the basics, now I need to get out there and really learn what running's all about!

  • Well done hennith! Nice badge!

  • Thanks deb54! I sure am happy to have that badge at long last!

  • Well done Hennith. Fantastic effort! You have been a great support to everyone. Enjoy your running from here on in. Well done indeed.

  • Congratulations I hope you will continue your running journey and posting here to inspire others to achieve their goals

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