W9R3 Done - Only gone and graduated !!!

Well... with a tear in my eye I am very pleased to say that tonight I completed my W9R3 run and I still can't believe it!

I started W1R1 at the beginning of September and I have always tried to run every other day, so I'm very pleased to have completed in about 8 weeks. I will never break any speed or distance records, but I have followed Laura to the letter!!

For all those people just starting out... please have faith in the program and yourself. I am 54 years old, ex smoker, never really done much exercise apart from walking a bit, didn't supplement my running with any other exercise... so if I can do it so can you :-) Oh... and I had a triple heart bypass operation a few years ago as well... so no excuses :-)

I'll be brief... i'm welling up again ;-) but thanks to everyone on this site for all the support and help given... big thanks to Slow_Rob (due to graduate soon) for his support as we have followed each other from almost day one.

So.. what's next... think I'll continue to run at least 3 times a week.. would like to work towards a 10K, but still need to do a 5k non stop, so I might not set any targets in the short term, just to enjoy my runs and build up a bit more stamina.


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30 Replies

  • Amazing. Well done mate.

  • thats is wonderfiul to hear Andy :D super super well done so pleased for you :D :D I am looking good for saturday morning :D Poppy has got teh dancing girls on order :D

    I didnt do anything Andy, all your hard work :D :D you should be mighty mighty proud :D :D

  • Thanks Rob... and well done on your run today... that's a good pace you've got going there!!

  • Thanks Andy ,:D I am very happy with it ,felt comfortable :D but just looking to complete the 30min runs for now, I think i will get a bit emotional too :D really so pleased for you :D

  • Woo hoo Andy ! Amaaaazing job, many many Congratulations to you on your graduation :-D

    You have done so well and you should be feeling very chuffed tonight.. This programme is fab isn't it ?

    Oh yes, the dancing girls are on their way, and then if you could direct them to Rob after ha ha :-)

    Wear that badge with pride Andy, you've earned it ! Massive respect to you xxx

  • Thanks very much poppy... yes, feeling chuffed... the program is fab and I will recommend to anyone I can. Hopefully I can help and support others a bit who are just starting out.

  • Congratulations and well done! You should be immensely proud of your achievements.......woo hoo :-)

  • Woo Hoo Andy - congratulations :0) - shaking some pom poms for you. Looking forward to seeing that lovely new shiny badge

  • Aww thanks... cheers for the pom poms... they look great :-)

  • Well done Andy! Many congratulations and a yeeeeha!

    Be sure to run every other day so you maintain the momentum.

    Good luck with phase two of your running adventure

  • Thanks misswobble... so much to still to do.. chipping away at distance or pace... but must admit, although I will miss Laura's C25K it will be good to create my own plan going forward.

  • Oh my goodness, you've only gone and done it !! Very, very well done. It's amazing how this works isn't it ? Laura...all she does is talk....you did all the hard work. Keep it up and do a park run !!

  • Thanks henpen :-) I have signed up for my local park run, but think I might leave a few weeks until i'm more comfortable about doing 5K. Funny though... I did do my grad run tonight on their circuit as its very local to my work and I could get there before the dark set in.

  • You can do it !

  • Well done Andy D - just go do the Parkrun - it really is not about the time and completing an actual timed 5K gives you such a buzz (and I suspect starts the on going I must go again or do another run or something else!)

  • Brilliant! Well done Andy :D

  • Congratulations AndyD! Sounds like you were determined right from W1R1 and getting it wrapped up in 8 weeks is brilliant. The sun must have known it was your day today 'cos it was out celebrating too :)

    Sounds like you have a cunning and wise plan for the next phase: no targets yet, just enjoy and build stamina. The important thing is probably to keep getting out there.

  • I'm really chuffed for you Andy!


  • Congrats andy you made it well done

  • Congratulations! It feels great, doesn't it?

  • Congratulations! I hope you feel really proud of yourself. So many running adventures ahead of you - enjoy!

  • Way to go Andy! I'm with you on the welling up. Couch to 5 k is not only a physical journey but a mental one as well. Be proud of your efforts - it really is a life changing program.

  • Congratulations! :D

  • Well done andy thats great news! CONGRATULATIONS! :)

  • Many many congratulations Andy, that's brilliant news. Enjoy your postgraduate running :)

  • Great stuff, well done! Enjoy your running. x :-D

  • Superb, well done Andy.

  • Congratulations!

  • Thank you for all the lovely comments... much appreciated :-) Got no choice but to keep going now... can't let you all down :-) I'm certainly liking my new shiny badge that has appeared next to my name .... whoop whoop!!

  • Well done Andy exciting getting your shiny isn't it - onward and upwards keep up the good work :D

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