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Rediscovering the mojo!

Having completed my first (???) half marathon in September, I have been trying to run 3 times a week but have found it have found it difficult to get motivated. Having been completing 5k runs in just over 30 mins for weeks, I gave myself a talking to last Friday, and decided to try to run 5k in under 30 mins. I set off like a rocket, which I regretted half way round as my legs suddenly felt like lead. But I stuck with it and even managed a sprint finish - when I dared to look at my app it gave me the wonderful news 5K in 28:20. Talk about chuffed! Admittedly I thought I was going to die when I had finished running and my little legs were grumbling a bit, but I soon recovered. And all without music! Buoyed by my success, I then ran 5 miles on Sunday (nearly up to 10K, that's this Sunday's challenge) in 52 mins and another 5K run this Tuesday ( this time the uphill route) in 28:43. Looks like I have finally got my mojo back!

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Setting yourself a challenge is definitely the best way to keep your running interesting and rewarding. It is very easy to just run without pushing yourself, post graduation, which is fine, but those extra achievements really do keep the buzz going and the mojo rolling.

Keep those challenges coming.


Does getting out of bed count? That's my biggest challenge!


It's always a challenge getting out of bed, especially when it is still dark outside!!


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