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w7r2 - did it !

After an extra rest day due to niggly knee pain during w7r1 I sent out into the cold in some trepedation today. Gave myself permission to bail out after 5 minutes if my knee started hurting again. But it was OK. Everything else hurt ! But knees were OK. I did the NHS knee exercises as an extra warm up before leaving the house, so maybe that helped. GOSH it was cold out there, but I still ended up pulling my thumbs out my gloves half way round to cool down a bit.

No more running until Monday at earliest as I'm going to Paris by train for a long weekend and don't have room for my running shoes in my bag, but I will walk alot, and as the forecast is cold, the walks will no doubt be brisk !

Due the cold I also replaced my usual pre-run glass of juice with a cup of miso-soup which I think helped, at least psychologically.

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Well done , enjoy your trip .


Well done Paris sounds. Good enough reason to delay next run Sure you will graduate in next few weeks Good luck


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