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w3r3 complete


ve been using the app for 3weeks and just completed wk 3 . My question is why do i feel like its all such a struggle

im not a little bloke , im 17 1/2 stone and 5ft 9in , admittedly i have not run anywhere for about 30 yrs ...theres my answer really isnt it ? lol

im not enjoying any of it much at the moment ,but ive committed to do this for myself . im not even training to do a race or such like its just that i want to be able to show myself that i can do 3k run as that was my goal before i found the app .everything aches i even walk a mile or so on the gap days to keep loose and before trying the app i could cover 4 miles walking in just over a hour no sweat. ive got no technique , nothing , im having such trouble for finding a pace for what are light runs and at the end of each work out im begging for trainer to say thats it . any help or advice appreciated

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I was exactly the same as you until, I think, W4. I didnt think Id do it but I did and with each run that I completed, I felt a bit better and actually started believing I COULD do it. Here I am having just completed W6 and loving it. Dont get me wrong, its not easy, my mind still tells me Im not going to complete the run (I say run, it's more of a shuffle/plod) but I try and notice things around me - I try and plot a route where I wont be running round the same bit twice to keep it interesting! I really hope you find your mojo, you're doing fantastic to finish 3 weeks!! Keep it going, let us know when you get that first buzz because you will!! Good luck! x


Keep it up - it's not a race though. Go at your own pace, don't try to rush it. I confess that I did week 1 three times before I was ready for week 2. No one knew! And last week i 'ran' 5k. So it is possible!

Make sure you have good socks and shoes, they do make a difference. Good luck and let us know how you get on


I think most of us felt the struggle. The key thing for me i found is to breath. Breathing really helps me push on. Another thing is to go slowly to begin, don't tire yourself out. Also remember it's half of a mental struggle rather than just physical, think about how good you'll feel when you complete the run and also remember that the programme is designed in a way to help you build fitness, as you progress you'll feel fitter and the runs will feel better. I also found that reading and watching about running techniques on YouTube was useful for me to improve​me technique. Have a look and watch a few, it can help you find a technique that works for you. The way you posture yourself when running adds to how good or bad you feel and aids your breathing which is vital. Good luck, just remember easy does it and we all feel better as we progress through the weeks, you will too.


Just slow down... simple as that.

You know the issues, as you have said... so, instead of punishing your body, be kind to it... and take it steady .( remember you are trying to improve things not make them worse) :)

That way, you will do this; the programme is so structured to get you safely , enjoyably and injury free to that graduation podium. I just read your latest post, and being determined is fantastic, but not at the cost of hurting yourself or having had a rotten time.

On your rest days, swim, walk slower, do the linked Strength and Flex exercises, but all at a gentler pace.

I feel, if you do just stop, take a breath, and start listening to your body, things will start to ease a bit :)

" Fast enough to get there, slow enough to see". x


I felt and often still feel the same as you. In fact, I'm struggling to convince myself to get outdoors this morning. I have 2 suggestions that work for me. When I'm not in the mood to do my run, I turn to this site. It always gets me encouraged to head out and do my best. Secondly, you say you aren't entered into a race. ENTER! Sign up for a fun run shortly after the time you expect to graduate. Don't plan on any medals, but plan to finish. Then each day when you run you can visualize your event and crossing the finish line. You will start to think of yourself as an athlete training for your own personal Olympics. Works for me. Good luck!

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