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C25K complete Wahoooo!!!!! .............What now????

Well, I did it. I didmy 3rd run of week 9 last night and have officially graduated.

Not the best of runs to be honest, felt like stopping a number of times, but amazingly at about the 20 min mark found my rythem and felt so good I ended up running till Laura said the cool down had finished.

Speaking of Laura, I was a little sad when she said good by and I realised our little 9 week love affair was over :-(

So after cooling down showering and a celibratery Coke Zero, I started thinking what next.

Well to continue running obvious, but I think I am the type of person that needs targets and goals to keep myself motivated.

So, I have a route that is exactly 5k and currently It takes me 40 mins including 5 mins walking both sides of the 30 min Run. my first Goal will be to complete the 5k without walking. So that is Goal number 1.

Goal number 2. a park runs with my wife (Shes been running for 2 years now so we havent ran together as of yet)

Goal 3 to be able to run the 5k in 30 mins.

That should keep me going.

P.S one other piece of good news. when I started the program I was just the wrong side of 20 stone. after weighing myself this morning, I am on now on the right side, just the right side , but still the right side.

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Congratulations GW. Well done on your graduation and weight loss.

I graduated a couple of weeks ago and although i have kept up with the alternate day 5k's i do miss the challenge of a programme.

Going to do the parkruns and try the schedule VixChile has suggested.

good luck

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That's fantastic GW, well done. Its good to have goals, you'll soon crack those I bet. Enjoy your running x :-)


Great well done. Now download myfitnesspal and set yourself a new goal lol. But well done on the running


Congratulations. Don't forget to get your "Graduate" badge.


Stepping Stones podcasts with Laura are your next step. Free download from this very forum. What could be finer. Run them all, run them again and again. They're the business!

Congrats on your Graduation by the way !

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Wow, congratulations! Well done you!

Sounds like you've found yourself some good goals there. It's all about stretching yourself while the goal still being achieveable in a reasonable timeframe. I'm sure you'll hit them and celebrate them as deserved :)


Well done! Isn't it a great feeling? I completed the program this mornning too, and I'll be thinking about planning a new schedule and targets.


Congratulations too - not only have you achieved weightloss in the 9 weeks, you've developed a way of preventing putting weight on again in the future. I set out with the hope of losing weight too, but have only seen 2lb loss so far in 8 weeks. But I feel like I have a tool for future weight loss now, as long as I just keep this up (even if at a rate of 1lb a month!) Also I strongly believe that fitness is the true reward for my work, and some might say that's more important for health, developing healthy lungs, heart etc. Lots of luck for continuing running and setting goals :)


Congratulations! I hope you feel suitably proud! Good luck with your future targets - but don't forget to enjoy yourself.


Congratulations on all counts. Great effort.


Yey! you need to get your graduation badge - I got mine on Saturday. Amazing story to read


Well done GW and welcome to the graduate club. Staying in touch with this forum is a great way to stay motivated. I don't know where you run, but for me, running on cliff top paths and on the firm wet sand of North Devon beaches, with my wife, has epitomised the joy of this wonderful running habit.

Keep running, keep smiling and good luck for the future.


Well done GW, Many Congratulations to you on your graduation and your weight loss.

You're a winner ! :-) xxx


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