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Week 7 Run 1, Can I claim it?

Tonight was my first "long" run in the dark, the other longer ones in previous weeks have been at the weekend. I set off just as the 18:00 news was starting, Laura told me I was half way on the 25 minute run, a few minutes later I checked the ipod and I had 10 mins and 15 secs to go........a few seconds later (funnily enough another Lady Ga Ga track of my daughters) the ipod died. I carried on running my usual route and added on a bit extra for good measure, I know where my 5 minute warm down walk starts so I ran to there and then started to walk. As I neared home my husband was just walking to see if I had been mugged as I'd been a long time and the clock when back home showed 18:45, I think I ran for over 25 minutes so can I claim a victory? Also I've devised a new game for us, count the Christmas trees...3 tonight. I like to think that these people are celebrating the festive season early for a specific reason not just that they can't wait!

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Of course you can 'claim it'! Sounds like a great run. Well done for getting out in the dark (and the freezing cold), I hate it!


Oh yes claim run And what a caring husband


Well done. You did better than good! You should be very pleased. Your husband is a good man! Mine would not have missed me until the following day at dinner time! LOL


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