Can you recommend cheap running clothing

I think I could do with a windproof running jacket and a warmer top to run in and possibly 'better bottoms' (currently using thin yoga type bottoms): I haven't wanted to spend any money on any 'kit' until I proved to myself this wasn't a one week wonder. But I'm now into week four, hurrah, and it's cold and damp out there!

My husband has just bought me a pair of running socks as a suprise reward for my achievements so far (fortunately I did have a proper pair of running shoes already despite never previously exercising)

Any recommendations of clothing and where to get it?


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  • Sports direct -cheap by does the job nicely.

  • Great. Thanks very much.

  • Yes sport direct ,pop and see if your local Aldi or Lidl has anything left, all my gear is from them. ,Good luck with the rest of the program. Pat :-)

  • yup, agree. I got myself a cheapie run ning jacket from there at the weekend for £15. its only had one outing so far, but seems ok. Also got some long running tights and long sleeved running top from asda, which i quite like! worth a look! i wear those, just a normal sporty type short sleeved T over the top and now my new running jacket (!) and Im good to go. Suits me at the moment in any case! hope that helps?

  • Yes, definitely helps, thanks everyone. I'm not far from a Lidl nor it turns out, a Sports Direct so will investigate. Not sure I'm ready to face the world in running tights yet though :)

  • Hmmm, I have to say it does take a while to get over the thought that you're running partially clothed!

  • I'm no light weight , but I took to my running tights like a duck to water , don't know why because I'm useually self conscious of tight clothing , strange !

  • I'm right there with you now Rockette! Think c25k has also made me less inhibited! Lol!

  • I know , I never thought in my wildest dreams I'd be running the streets in t & tights , & I don't give a toss lol

  • I agree, Sports Direct are great. Also H&M and Sainsburys do sportswear too.

    I also bought a cheap pair of running leg warmers (the type that go right up to your thigh) off ebay to wear under the shorter leggings I already own to save me having to buy longer leggings. My legs get quite chapped in cold weather so can't just wear shorts like some people!

  • My fancy 'treat myself because I graduated' kit came from sweatshop, though definitely NOT cheap.

    My 'it's bl%%dy freezing now, how about some thermal stuff kit' came from ebay. Decent price.

    My 'it's getting a bit warmer I could do with some lighter weight kit' came from Primark (cheap? Yes! Still going? Yes, which is surprising for Primark)

    My 'it's getting even warmer, I NEED shorts! kit' was again ebay. Again a decent price, not too expensive.

    So the cheap stuff is cheap and the expensive stuff is expensive, but there's always more....

    (And now I want a different colour! Orange anyone????)

  • Choice overload, lol. I'll check out sports direct first I think and see what's out there. Just looked online and there's some great prices but I'd like to see in in the shop.

    I may need to report back with purchase details to offload excitement...already can't wait to try new running socks tomorrow.

  • If you have a TKMaxx nearby it's always worth a weekly trip there. They have new stock in all the time and you never know what you're going to find. I've got some great kit - named, even - I've built up over time, but for cold running I've not found anything to beat my Lidl running trousers - great for the thighs as they keep the wind out with their lining which must be plastic. (ok, a bit sweaty, but I can go with that!) :)

  • Good to have another option in the mix, though for me, entering TKmax would be my worst nightmare for any clothing, lol. As a devotee of project 333 I only own a capsule wardrobe for everyday wear and avoid weekly clothes shopping trips like the plague :)

  • I personally like the karrimor range at sports direct. The karrimor xtra light shower and wind proof jacket is great. Hood that stays up, good pockets and light enough to roll up and tie up round your waist like a belt. For thermal tops make sure they say something like dry fit which means they take the sweat away from your body. I have a nike long sleeve one. I also recommend running tights. I have splashed out on a pair of addidas thermal ones because I live in the mountains and it gets really cold. But I also like the karrimor ones. It might also be worth looking at running gloves. X

  • Thanks for the detail - I have written this advice re dry fit and the karrimor jacket down.

  • I'm wearing tights under my running tights now but my legs still feel cold until I've been running a while. I just wish this blasted rain would stop - I hate running in the rain!

    I bought all my clothes from eBay - much of it came from Sports Direct.

  • Sportswear is an ethical nightmare - it is like getting fit at the expense of someone else's health and wellbeing - so that as well as cost (and not finding synthetics very comfortable or effective) has put me off going mad. I have found I honestly don't need much and even though I am a slow runner, past the early weeks I found the cold and rain didn't really need anything extra. Umpteen degrees under and Sainsbury's cotton leggings and long sleeved t shirts were still working fine, and motivate a brisk warm up walk. The shoes are the critical bit of kit. I also bought sports bras and control knickers (M&S) to control uncomfortable wobbles and gloves are important too. And no-one has mentioned a Buff, how can that be?! Oh and I like my Puma recycled quarter socks which I got from SockShop online.

  • Good points Googleme, thanks for raising the whole ethical thing - I always feel out of my depth with having a clue who are ethical dealer or not. Off to google a buff...

  • I got a really nice top layer at Decathlon the other day. Its a sort of lightweight technical fabric, with a wind and showerproof over layer on the top half - including a hood, with a little magnet sewn into the back so that it doesn't flap around and annoy you when running. How cool is that ? Worked really well today running in a cold light drizzle. Paid 34euros for it, so its my most expensive bit of kit so far. (Hmm, just had a look on their UK site and it doesn't seem to be there yet.) Anyway if you have a Decathlon nearby its worth a look, though I find their full length bottoms too long so mine came from the supermarket. I also got a pair of gloves for 4Euros.

  • Sports Direct (although I hate them!) and Primark. Their sports wear is holding out really well. Found the Karrimor stuff just didn't fit me well at all. I did buy a cycling jacket in Aldi for £20 which is brilliant. They didn't do running jackets in my size but this has large side pockets which unzip right down to give you mesh vents! Really handy!

  • I got some great gear a few weeks back from Aldi. I got a lovely pinky/purple compression top, rain jacket and brill socks! A zip up fleece too. They all seem good quality

    From SD I got a pink waterproof jacket with pockets (Yay) It's Karrimor. I hate going into our branch of SD because I get completely ignored. I think I could stand in the middle of the store complete naked and the staff wouldn't see me. I'm a 56 year old woman who doesn't wear clothes plastered with sports logos. That might be something to do with it. LOL

  • Thanks again everyone - I'm getting a feel for what I look out for. I don't need loads but I do need more than the one set of trackie bottoms I've got and a couple of thin long sleeve cotton tops. Enjoyed using my new running socks this morning :)

    Another question: what are the benefits of running tights vs trackie bottoms?

  • I'd almost say that quantity over quality may be more important. You never want not having clean stuff to be an excuse not to go out!

  • Right, I've been out to Sports Direct - gosh I found that really ridiculously anxiety inducing with all the choice! However, I came away with a pair of running TIGHTS (didn't I say I wouldn't go there, lol), £10.99 and one long sleeved running top £13.99. I can now try these out. I think with a thermal layer under the top, I may not need a jacket yet as I will still use my fleece gillet. I'll be interested to see if the tights are warmer than the cotton trackie bottoms I have been using.

  • I be always said I wouldn't be putting my thighs and bot in a pair of tights but front of my thighs are cold so am interested in how you get on with them

  • I ran in my new running tights today. I did find them warmer than the cotton trackie bottoms I had been wearing. When it gets very cols, I'm going to try wearing a pair of thin thermal long johns underneath

  • Thanks I think I at least i i must go and try a pair on

  • Do! My running top and gillet fleece cover my bottom and tummy and they feel lovely and light to run in ;)

  • I wear my tights with pride. I don't care what I look like cause they are my go faster leggings. I know it psychological but I works for me even though I am quite slow. I can't imagine what speed I would be without them.

  • Just to add, in the extra cold today, I ran with thermal long johns under the running tights and they worked a treat: my legs feel comfortably warm and I didn't over heat.

  • Still not got the tights but must as front of legs were cold today

  • I'll let you know Fit for60. I will next be running on Tuesday. I was a little concerned at the cold heightening risk of injury.

    I must say, it's only because I can hide my apple tum under my fleece gillet that I'm contemplating it :) I'm hoping by next spring I may be a little trimmer...

  • Loving this thread, it's given me some really good ideas. Thanks everyone!

  • Knew I'd convert a few of you to running tights! LOL! I'm hoping that if enough of us are out there with our wobbly bits, they will become all the rage! (Having wobbly bits that is...!)

  • :) Yup, I'm out and proud.

  • That's the spirit!

  • Ultimate runner do full run outfits

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